Simple Minds – Lyrics

I wrote this almost a year ago, we recorded a track to it. It’s about the media, & their influence in modern culture.

Simple Minds

Sell me your soul, you’ll pay me to breath
Destiny’s path, never puchased or free.

Simple Minds all viewing the tube
They follow a leader straight out of the zoo

Send them a hero, for the masses to see
Unchained voices, breaking free

Todays events, and tomorrows rage
feeding the masses, the world on stage

Chorus 1 :

Simple minds, cannot break free…
trapped in themsleves, longing to be…
Simple minds, stalking their prey…
Medias children, earning their pay..

Infomercials, peddling their wares
crap you dont need, sold in pairs

Media giants, earning their fee.
writing their scripts, they pick what you see.

Bombings, Killings, and everything vile
Breaking news, delivered with a smile

So pick up a book, turn off the TV
quit wasting away, ignore billy mays

Chorus 2:

Simple minds, rattling their cage
breaking their chains, showing their age
Simple minds, shout it out loud
Simple minds, Simple minds………..

Does the social web need Miranda?

james-andrewsIn today’s world, just about everyone involved in social media knows not to make a fool of yourself online. I say just about everyone because a lot of people still manage to make asses out of themselves anyway. From the Ketchum/FedEx fiasco in Mephis, TN to the minor ruckus involving techno-geek Robert Scoble on his birthday.

It is understandable for so-called social experts to come under fire for making statements that reflect poor judgment. However is it necessary to put up a facade? Do we need to hide behind a fake smile while true expression recedes like the tides? If you have ever been to Memphis you will know exactly what James Andrews was talking about. That place needs more than just a face lift. Continue reading “Does the social web need Miranda?”

For Twits and giggles…

So this morning Robin and I were sitting in Panera, joking around having a cup of joe. It’s a beautiful¬† Sunday, the next thing we know we start rolling off metaphors. Joking around making famous lines,¬† sort of twitterfied. Hmm twitterfy is that a new phrase? We replaced word(s) in some famous lines from movies, songs, speeches or pop-culture sayings. Creating these metaphors was pretty fun. You should try it.

By no means is this a comprehensive list. Just something we had a lot of fun with this morning. Have something to add? We would love to hear your famous twitterfied lines. In 140 characters or less of course. Continue reading “For Twits and giggles…”