Laptop Power Jack Repair

laptopIf your notebook or laptop no longer powers on or charges, could your power jack be at fault? Usually that’s good news, I can most often fix them!  I have worked on hundreds of laptops with the same issue. Over time power jacks will stretch, wearing out causing a faulty connection. Another type of power jack failure occurs when the solder joints crack. Causing what is know as a ‘cold’ solder joint. Repeatedly insert the power jack into your notebook or laptop causes stress to the internal jacks mounting points. Solder is considered a soft metal and can develop stress fractures very easily.

I can usually have your laptop up and running again in short time. Contact me directly with your manufacturer and model number. I will reply with the availability of parts. $120 will cover return shipping and parts for 99% of machines I have worked on. Some require more expensive jacks but are very rare. Did you save your box that the laptop came in? Do you live local to Tampa Florida?

You will need to ship your laptop in a well packaged box to our location. You will have your laptop returned in approximately 1 week from Time of delivery. If you are local to Tampa or St. Petersburg Florida I can meet up with you in person to save time and expense in shipping. Get that laptop running again.

I perform a variety of computer services, from data recovery to virus removal. I barter, I tweet, I geek, I make music. Drop me a note sometime.

Contact me directly at 813-817-0170 leave a message and I will return your call promptly. I can also be reached at mike [at] michaelquale dot com

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