Custom WordPress Development

If you are reading this, you should know that this site is powered by WordPress, as a blogging and CMS tool. WordPress is a great tool, and best thing is free!

We build really great websites on top of WordPress. After all it is a beautiful platform to build on. After we build each site to suit,  we can also optimize the site for SEO, then hand it off to you. You can then manage the content. We are wizards of WordPress. We can take your ho hum site and make it live and breathe.

You can pick a template,  and we will customize it. Alternatively we cut and slice a custom feel all your own, from your .psd to a complete site in short order with standards compliant XHMTL? Check! Shadow Box video and gallery players? Check! Pages without sidebars? Check! The Sky is the limit and rampup time is quick. Drop me a message for more information

What do I do? I install and configure it to run on your host. I will set it up for SEO, install the plug-ins you will need and want. Plug-ins are what makes WordPress so magnificent anyway. There are thousands of plug-ins out there. We know what ones work and what does not. Custom plug-in needed. Talk to us, we can help.

Need a reliable host? We offer hosting with HostGator on a virtual machine good for up to 500,000 page views/month.

I offer 6 months of free hosting to each site I build. Are you ready to be my next customer. Drop me a line.

Some of the sites I have built on WordPress.

Kick Ass Chrome Apps ~  app site under current development

Career Blog ~ Career Advice portal for

It’s Kidz Time ~ Local SEO and daycare facility in Riverview

Bright Eyes News ~ Local SEO optimized Vision Care provider in the Tampa Bay Area.

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