Band Press

Band Press is a new project I am working on. It involves setting up a wordpress CMS that is geared towards Musicians or Bands.. Even groups. It involves creating an open source installation that has the latest versions of WordPress, All in one SEO,  Google XML Sitemaps, Gig Press, MP3 Player, and Social Sharing capabilities.

This is something I wanted to give back to the music community. Something I have put a lot of time into researching plug-ins, find out what works and what does not. Shortly I will include a tutorial and a pre-requisite check list of things you will need prior to installing this package.

Basically what you see on the is what I can deliver to bands looking for an interactive web presence. Prices start at $199 and include 1 year of hosting on my dedicated server. This ‘theme’ or any other WordPress theme can be customized and developed to suit your needs.

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