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My name is Michael Quale. I deliver amazing SEO results I am a Google Adwords certified, Facebook PPC & and Search Engine Optimization consultant. I’ve had great success providing SEO consulting services. Why have I been so successful? By keeping up to date with how search engines rank websites, implementing only the most effective SEO strategies for your business, never over charging, delivering best-in-class consulting services.

Business owners contact me for SEO Consulting services when they’re not sure why their website is not ranking or when they want to tackle some of the most competitive keywords on the web. I provide 3 main services. The 1st one is SEO Consulting. This is where I will coach you and consult you on how to rank your website. This service is offered on a monthly retainer basis. The 2nd service I offer is Full Service SEO. If you’re too busy with your business and want me to handle your entire campaign this is a great option. I will handle all aspects of your SEO campaign. This service is billed at a flat monthly rate. The 3rd service I offer is hourly consulting. This is charged hourly and I will answer all your seo related questions by phone.

 SEO Consulting – Call for your consultation 813-400-3817

Getting found in search engines is critical for business. Every time someone searches for a business like yours and your website is not found, you’re losing potential clients and money! I understand SEO and what it takes to rank websites and I’m very good at it. When working with me you’ll quickly learn I am a SEO consultant that knows what it takes to rank websites.

Google Local search is getting a lot of focus and traction within your community. Google maps is the go to guide for local information. Rarely will anyone ever pick up a phone book to find your business. In the modern age you need to be found in Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s local business directories. Do you show up like this recent customer of ours? This was a local SEO results shot for my friend Nate at Bright Eyes Vision Care.

Keyword Trigger on Google
Keyword Trigger on Google

We barter and believe in the power of local community for brand building. Bricks and mortar businesses and service providers should reserve your consultation today. No long term commitment necessary, see results in 7 days or less. Learn how the power of Local SEO can help you with more sales, exposure, and word of mouth sales.

I also offer traditional SEO Services designed for competing at the national or international levels.

For more information or a free no obligation honest site review, contact mike at michaelquale dot com. After that initial SEO Consulting review we can determine a plan to help get your business noticed.


All SEO Consulting packages below include Site Analysis.

Site Analysis:$299 Flat fee

The services provided with each analysis make this SEO Consulting Package the best money you could ever spend. Complete Website Analysis Includes the following; Industry standard research on your specific keywords. Keyword Research for your top keywords, and secondary keywords. Traffic potential analysis to make sure your sight is targeting the keywords with the greatest search volume. 2 hours of professional phone support so that if you feel courageous and want to attempt to wing it and do the work yourself; we can guide you via Phone or IM or Remote Desktop session(s). $99 off the purchase of any other service package from Local SEO to PPC/SEM marketing.

Local SEO:$750 Flat fee

One Time – This SEO Consulting Package is best for small to medium sized sites that are just getting started or have been established and have not had any professional SEO work done.  This package includes submission and optimizations for all three local business centers(Google, Yahoo, Bing)

Starter SEO/Retainer 6 Months:$350/Mo

Starting at $350 per month
This SEO Consulting package is suitable for small to medium sized websites. If you are just starting out and want to see what SEO/SEM can do for your site this SEO Consulting package is a great starting point. This option requires a 6 month commitment to SEO. Billed at $350 per month.

Business Development Package:$500+ / Month

Starting at $500 per month
This SEO Consulting Package is perfect for websites that sells product, services or are heavily dependent on laser targeted traffic. If you count on your site to provide leads, income or advertising revenue to your bottom line then this is a good starter SEO Consulting package.

Custom Designed Packages:$1000 + / Month

Starting at $1,000 Month

per month for those businesses looking for highly advanced methods that are not covered in of our regular packages. This requires a serious investment in SEO and a minimum 6 month commitment. Link Building programs fall into this category.

Custom PPC Analysis and Management Packages:***

$500 One Time link Building Campaign.
*$250 spend on links, $250 fee for setup and reporting. This SEO Consulting Package is designed to get links to point to your website. The purpose
is to help your site appear more trustworthy and knowledgeable about your chosen topic.

Depending on the size and complexity of your campaign; fees range from $200 – $10,000 or more per month, contracts are geared for each customers needs and keyword/traffic analysis. From those using or looking to break into paid search, to enhanced paid search keyword campaigns, geo-targeting, article marketing, PR, Mobile, Media & TV. Drop me a line and let’s connect, I’ll show you how I take SEO consulting to the next level.

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  1. Michael, I cannot thank you enough for helping us with our search marketing efforts. You’re advice and candor help immensely for our practice. It really does help to understand what people search for.

  2. hello Michael and assoc..I jumped into yr site and love all the svs,however the economy has us cutting back.Is there a base cost svs you offer.We are there now on a local search for our service,however …too deep. Thx. PZ

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