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Greetings, and thanks for stopping by. In case you haven’t figured it out already from my domain name…. my name is Michael Quale+ and this is my personal site. My background and skills lie in developing applications, building sites, SEO and consulting services. This site is an extension of my own ideas, service offerings, tech tips, product reviews and the occasional rant.

My web and development skills date back to the early implementations of HTML 2.0.  I have succesfully helped numerous teams bring their projects to market. In addition my own personal portfolio of sites and applications has allowed me to acquire skills that were never in my wildest dreams necessary to run an online business.

As one of the original founders of and a full time geek behind several web sites, I have picked a whole bunch of new skills along the way. JobShouts is a recent project breaking new ground in employment, recruiting and social media. My Chrome browser extensions have accumulated in excess of 100K installs and maintain a %6 conversion rate.

I am a former Director of Software Development. I hold certifications from Microsoft, I have a degree in computer science from First Coast Technical college in St. Augustine, FL.  I am also a bassist, a lover of animals, children, and a lot of other beautiful things in life. I try to help the unemployed & those looking for a career change find opportunities.

Building sites is a job that is never really finished. You have to adapt and keep improving, or be run over by your competition. My products are in constant flux as I will never think a site is ‘done’. I don’t believe that you can just build a site, sit back and never lift a finger again. We are partnered with developers that are true ninjas and believe in our vision and focus. For more information please contact me at mike at michaelquale [dot] com.

My Bio:

A twenty five year veteran of information technologies. I have built web communities for the resort/time share industry. Several years ago we were integrating win2K/IIS/ASP/SQL web based communities with systems tightly integrated into various flavors of Property Management Systems. We built custom XML interfaces across platforms as diverse as Oracle, Pervasive and AS/400. We spoke XML in 2000 fluently. My services were instrumental in the development, design, and integration for the first interactive private cable network, offering two-way in-room guest communications, premium channel ordering and automated in-room billing combined with Internet access to resort guests through in room televisions, hybrid set-top boxes, and wireless keyboards.  I am a survivor of the bust of the early 2000’s. I am an expert on Internet technologies that have been utilized in one form or another since 1993 when AOL pioneered their way into American homes.

A natural leader, mentoring countless people and former employees to help realize their true potential. In recent years I have consistently won sales awards from BrightHouse Networks. I have built many long and lasting friendships, both online and in person. I am available as an IT consultant geared towards the demanding needs to today’s business.

More information about me

What have I done? Before the social media craze, I was a enterprise level network engineer. A champion for integration of technologies to make peoples lives easier and more productive. I have been listed on and applied for 2 US patents relating to the implementation of new technology for legacy machine control systems.

I help businesses realize opportunities presented by the internet and shifts in technology. I am an expert at Search Engine Optimization, and pay per click or Search Engine marketing. I can help you build a high traffic, highly successful web-site. My talents are best utilized directing architecture for web platform. I always partner with the best of the best in graphics artists, code developers, and internet marketing experts. If you are looking to build something creative, useful, and highly social, contact me and lets see what we can do together.

Recent Achievements:

My most recent work involves health care IT initiatives for a multi-location medical facility. Director of IT at Mountcastle Vein Centers in St. Petersburg, FL. Here is where I built, designed, tested and implemented several new technology initiatives, including complete Practice Managment, and EHR (Electronic Health Record) implementation. In addition I was directly responsible for the savings of nearly $40,000.00 per year.

I am currently available for short or long term engagements nationwide. I am open to travel. PMP Certification expected first quarter 2012.

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