What is a Tweetup –

A tweetup is a Twitter meetup. Every city has them, they are pretty much ubiquitous. There is no escaping them. The @ nametags everywhere. The sometimes awkward conversations that take place when you have more than 140 characters in which to say what is on your mind. Tweetups take a great service like Twitter and turn it into something bigger, something even more social.

Bigger? Why is it bigger? Because you are able to meet people you have only met online. IRL or in real life you can talk about whatever with the people you associate with on twitter. You can also meet new contacts to enhance your career, and maybe even have a few drinks.

This casual observer believes that using more than 140 characters to talk to people is what makes tweetups so popular. Just imagine you can say something without cropping it short, and get a reply in less than six and a half minutes. Amazing concept to socialize without the constraints of a text box or @ reply.

If you are thinking of attending a tweetup, by all means do it. You won’t know what it is like until you attend one. I have attended several, and always come away with a feeling of accomplishment. If anything you will at least have some new found friends to tweet with on a regular basis.

That is what social networking is all about isn’t it. Meeting people, networking, business, pleasure, laughs, new places. Get out there and try one out. You will love it I swear!

Nova 535 and a #sptweet

Have to hand it to the owner of Nova 535 in St. Petersburg that is one GREAT Venue!. It’s been a couple of weeks since the tweetup and I did vow to blog about this really cool spot to host an event.

from the street

Nova 535 is on 9th or  MLK  street right next to the 175 downtown interstate spur. As soon as you walk in there is a artsy ambiance with various art works adorning the sides of the rather large hall. The building it self was builf in the 1920’s and features open rafters crafted from 90 year old rough sawn pine.


Right in the middle of the main downstairs room is quite possibly the largest ceiling fan I have ever run across. The blades must span at least 12 feet. Directly under the fan sat a 1930 Model A ford. Interesting conversation piece to say the least.


A great event at a great place, keep the tweetups coming I can’t wait to see what new excitement they bring. Great job on the part of @tweetmaker, and @NOVA535 for putting on a super tweetup.


Not only is Nova 535 ultra hip and chic, it also boasts 10 full suite style bathrooms. The facility has won an award for their bathroom’s! That’s how nice they are. Amazing to say the least as each bathroom features italian marble and is squeaky clean.


Some images were lifted from the Nova site at http://nova535.com. The images bearing the CSE logo were taken by CSE Photography and the full album can be viewed online at http://bit.ly/hIRTZ

The Florida Aquarium – A Tweetup

fl_aquariumLet me start out by saying thanks to Josh Carrico (@sigpejedi) and Julia Gorzka (@juliagorzka)  for organizing another awesome event. You guys make it happen! To The Florida Aquarium, they deserve a hap tip for letting us twitterers have free run of the facility.

If you’re wondering what a tweetup is, well in its simplest form its a meeting of people.  People that have adopted to twitter as a way of connecting to others in the social web.  In case you haven’t heard, and you live under a rock. The web we once looked to for information has evolved into this amazing social space.

Our local channel, Fox 13 ran a story on the local tweetup scene the night before the event. A special segment was aired during the 10 o’clock news. A record crowd of over 250 people gathered at 3 o’clock Saturday afternoon

If you have not been to the Aquarium yet. Make plans now. There is lots to see and do, as soon as you walk in there is a sting ray petting area. A variety of rays and small leopard type sharks? that will swim right up to you. On this Saturday afternoon, it was a welcomed break from the development work of jobshouts.

From the start, this event promised some excitement as a couple of  tweetup resulars would get to swim with the fishes. Another brave soul could even dive with the sharks. Yes real live blacktips, whitetips, and I even think I spotted a blue shark. Blue sharks are not known to be social creatures.


dscn2779I would have to say that @dandye is a rather brave lass. Swimming in the coral reef shark tank takes a bravado not found in many men. Even with the ‘body guards’ hovering over his position; there were a few times when a shark came a little too close for my comfort.

Even though there were about 10-12 sharks in the tank, they seemed slightly disinterested in the divers and pretty much swam about at their leisure. The sea turtle seemed to take a rather sporting interest in @dandye and was prodded away from him on a couple of occasions.

All in all it was a great turn-out that spoke volumes about the effect social media and twitter is having on communities across the nation. Next up I hear that the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, has requested to schedule a tweetup at their facilities. I have been to the Dali before it moved from the Bayfront location. Promises to be a fun time. Indeed!

dscn2725One thing I think about is this. If these tweetup’s keep attracting so many people, at this pace we may need to find a larger venue to accomodate everyone. At some point there may be 500 people. Can you imagine that? I can, it is called social media for a reason.

So don’t delay, jump on board the twitter train. Come out to the next tweetup. Stop by and say Hello to myself or one of our many twitter friends. You won’t be sorry you did, Scouts Honor!