LeapFish Launches real time search

I was fortunate enough to learn about leapfish through sponsored tweets. What a cool concept, you can search for popular content then share that same content to your social connections, all from the same interface.

My experience with the service is amazing. I loved searching for information about lady gaga, my results included articles from digg, video from youtube, conversations that were updating in real time with twitter, There was also a Google news feed.

This is one site that is serious about content and connections. Social search will soon become a very crowded space LeapFish will be ahead of the game with their intuitive and easy to use UI.

Once you have search results you can easily share that content with your friends on Facebook.

Leapfish believes that their web experience benefits everyone online. Portals and services benefit from search integration. Consumers benefit with access to more of the information from web 2.0 sites. Most of all this will benefit you the user. Those people that living and sharing life on the web.

LeapFish helps those people by giving them a goto place to locate, read, and share the best the web has to offer. What more can you ask for in a service? LeapFish delivers on all fronts.



Why you should use bit.ly vs. tr.im

There are a lot of URL shorteners competing for your attention. Still I fail to see a viable business model. Especially with so many of them not charging one thin dime.


Anyway keeping to the focus of the article, I feel the clear winner in the shortener war is bit.ly.

There service is clearly ahead of the rest. While both providers allow you to post twitter messages with shortened links, use tracking stats, allow you to build custom URL’s, and an API for developers to implement their features into existing apps.

One thing that really stands out with bit.ly is the ability to monitor the link in real time, as the clicks come in.If your marketing a website, product, blog, or service this really stands out. No need to refresh a page constantly. They are performing an AJAX style update every 5 seconds. If your tweeting links, and would like to see how effective they are, in real time. This service is clearly the winner.


In addtion bit.ly will tell you what country the clicks are coming from, if the link is conversed about on twitter, or friendfeed. It will also show who is talking about the link. Even if its reTweeted without your username you will see it in the link’s info stats. You can manage multiple twitter accounts, or share to facebook, gmail contacts, and email clients.

Want to see how popular a bit.ly link is? You can! even if you did not shorten it, you can still view every bit.ly shortened link. All you have to do is add a ‘+’ to the end of the URL  as follows http://bit.ly/12tJvo+. Put that into your address bar and smoke it! You can see the stats to any bit.ly link. That’s just plain groovy.

I fully expect to see other services copy this clear leader in URL shorteners. Twihrl has built in a feature to allow you use your bit.ly API key to use the service as the preferred shortener. I expect to see this implemented in tweetdeck very soon.  What say you?

10 Things I have learned about Twitter

twitterEveryone is writing a 10 list about something these days. With twitter being such a huge influence in the social web. I spent the last couple months watching what “you’re doing” on twitter. I doubted the usefulness until I started looking at what was making the service so successful. My first thoughts were that it’s just a fad. No, its not really a ‘”fad”, it’s actually useful. It enriches peoples lives. I feel that tweets are here to stay for some time.

Yet I still ask myself, how can they monetize their service? It would be impossible to continue to outlay huge amounts of capital without recouping the investment at some point in time. Twitter will eventual monetize their service in several areas, most likely through its API, and partnerships with cell carriers. Their service and API was a bit shaky at first. The typical growing pains of a start up.  Now it seems more robust and stable.  I have not seen an error while updating in weeks. So what have I learned from the micro-blogging universe that is twitter? Read on… Continue reading “10 Things I have learned about Twitter”