LeapFish Launches real time search

I was fortunate enough to learn about leapfish through sponsored tweets. What a cool concept, you can search for popular content then share that same content to your social connections, all from the same interface.

My experience with the service is amazing. I loved searching for information about lady gaga, my results included articles from digg, video from youtube, conversations that were updating in real time with twitter, There was also a Google news feed.

This is one site that is serious about content and connections. Social search will soon become a very crowded space LeapFish will be ahead of the game with their intuitive and easy to use UI.

Once you have search results you can easily share that content with your friends on Facebook.

Leapfish believes that their web experience benefits everyone online. Portals and services benefit from search integration. Consumers benefit with access to more of the information from web 2.0 sites. Most of all this will benefit you the user. Those people that living and sharing life on the web.

LeapFish helps those people by giving them a goto place to locate, read, and share the best the web has to offer. What more can you ask for in a service? LeapFish delivers on all fronts.