Paypal and Virtual/Intangible products

We received a complaint via PayPal that one of Robin’s resume clients; One Mr. Tony Romeo was dissatisfied with his resume. After listening to his complaint and deciding that since we had accurately written and provided a quality resume. We decided NOT to issue a refund, you know why should he get a free resume.

Robin did a stellar job of reformatting the entire resume. His content was usable, so Mr Tony Romeo was given a discounted rate for his resume. A price was agreed upon and his resume was completed in a timely manner. Mr. Romeo contacted us a couple of days later unhappy and wanting a refund because ‘I made a mistake in judgement’, Needless to say we refused to work for free, after all he now has a great resume how do we get that back?

Well after a lengthy drawn out investigation lasting over three weeks, Paypal has concluded that since we provided a virtual or intangible product to our client they cannot decide in our favor. Since we could not prove that we shipped a product, he got his money back. Thanks PayPal, your services totally rock </sarcasm>.

For those of you out there that may be in the same boat. If you are providing a virtual or intangible product. Here is what you have to do. Make sure you deliver that product via CD shipped with a valid tracking number. If you do this you will win your case from a seller’s stand point.

So for now we have added this requirement to anyone that Robin does a resume for. We will only ship to a verified address, we require a physical address in addition to an email address to send a resume to. That is what is wrong with society and a certain Mr. Tony Romeo of Miami , FL

Tony make sure you have a drink on me, hopefully your conscious will need it. Talking money from a hardworking mother, you should be ashamed of yourself.