review – It’s another scam! Lookout!

Another SCAM Alert:

It is amazing how many of these sites will pop up. will make my third article warning people against the same company that sells junk software like these other posts; and

Apparently they think they can change a few keywords to stay ahead of the game.

Watch out for this one readers. This has been advertised in several prominent media outlets (I just watched this on comedy central) as being able to fix any pc. It can “make a 7 year old computer blazingly fast, even faster than a new computer”. This is just plain horse pucky.

Do yourself a favor and stay far far away from this product or any product that makes such ridiculous claims. If you are experiencing a slow computer, download malwarebytes and super antispyware. Update them both and let them run…preferably in Safe Mode. Another good program worth mentioning is the venerable and most awesome Spybot search and destroy available form or this direct link.

Be warned the WOT and McAfee both list and, and as severe threats. Closer inspection reveals that this web site is owned by a company called cyberdefender ( a known spyware company )

Have an experience you would like to share…leave a comment so other’s may avoid these types of traps.

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