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Search Marketing Solutions

A Search Marketing Solution is a method used to market a specific product or service with an online marketing effort. I specialize in understanding the needs of each business I engage with. I examine all aspects of the product and the science of search engine marketing that will deliver the results my clients are looking for. With over 15 years experience in internet and enabling technologies, your money will be wisely spent.

I provide an assortment of technical knowledge, effective marketing services, web design experience, and search engine optimzation standards to ensure that my clients receive a top tier search engine marketing campaign. Each customer that I work for is always customized based on their individual needs. I do not offer cookie cutter solutions. I take pride in this 100% effective method of building trust in an SEO/SEM relationship.

If you are thinking about a PPC/CPA/CPM marketing strategy, pick up the phone and give me a ring. I would be happy to chat about the opportunities that I may be able to help with.

To find out how we can customize a search marketing campaign to meet your specific goals and marketing objectives, Call 813-817-0170 Today.

His Hair a project in SEO and internet marketing

Do you have long men’s hair? This will serve as a project base to launch a site from. Well actually I think it could be called a relaunch. A keyword rich domain name for His Hair is aged 10 years and ripe for an Internet marketing business.

Read all about the care and what it really means to have hair. I wonder how many keywords we can actually hit, the competition for his hair is fairly light and disorganized SEO wise.  I see opportunity here. Hopefully Vinny will like what I have in mind.


Do you want to know how to grow long mens hair? Follow our step by step guides and before you know it you will have long hair too. Snicker snicker.

Maybe we can build a site based on reviews of guy’s hair. Guys upload pics,  A rating system built around hot or not type user voting system would be pretty neat. Chicks could really dig that. It’s a great traffic potential if shared appropriately on facebook, twitter or other viral sources.

Local SEO Generates Local Traffic and Sales

Local SEO

SEO is not always some dark mysterious wizardry.  Many web properties undertake SEO in an effort to help increase their national – or perhaps international – visibility online. Other companies are only concerned about attracting customers in their neighborhood, something local search experts says is much easier.

Attracting local search traffic is much easier than optimizing a website for a national or international audience. Local Search efforts often pay off immensely. In the last couple of years, all the major search engines have added local results to their global results pages. Google maps and the local business center has replaced the yellow pages our parents used.

Local SEO – Why your small business should consider it

local-searchLocal search engine optimization or ‘local seo’ is much less complicated by comparison to national search engine placements and for a majority of businesses, this represents a huge opportunity for tapping the local population, which actually have much higher sales conversion rates. Think of the search engines as the new yellow pages.

Within the last couple of years the search engines have been providing improved “local search” features. Google in particular has been embedding these “Maps” inside their search pages as part of their Universal Search results. This has opened new opportunities for local businesses and requires different techniques, from organic SEO, to get exposure there. We can help your business get more exposure with local SEO. As Maps usage grows it is becoming more important to be seen here as well as in organic search. In addition when people search they tend to search for keywords related to services. Google knows where the search originates from based on factors such as IP address, preferences, and search history. This is where a savvy local search expert can get you noticed. Results are typically quick, and very rewarding.

Making Money with Facebook Groups? Really?

icon_facebookReading this Make Money with Facebook Groups post, nearly made my tongue flop out of my mouth. Seriously, if there is any truth to this whatsoever, we should all be jumping on the facebook groups bandwagon like white on rice. After checking pretty thoroughly, it really does seem entirely possible. So without further adieu another project is launched.

Can you imagine? I read about another guy posting in the same forum. His group with 1.3 million members? I Want To Punch Slow Walking People In The Back Of The Head. That group has drawn in over 1.3 million members since its inception. Seriously? people will join anything. I do somewhat doubt that the group would be targeted for anything specific but who knows. I can see a group of young, angry, single men being a good niche for a dating site link or something.

The admin of this facebook group is selling links on the group home page for $50 a month, there are several of them. By my calculations he is earning nearly $500 a month in link revenue alone, never mind he could easily send multiple marketing messages to up to 5000 members at a time. That is very interesting to me. Something definitely worthy of further research. Captain Geek take it away!

So yeah I started a couple of facebook groups to test this theory out. Putting in a small amount of research, which is about how much time it took to set up 2 groups, upload logo’s, start a couple discussions in each and send invites to our facebook friends. Another 30 minutes to document and blog about what I am doing. The one area where I am not strong is in large numbers of facebook friends, maybe I can network with some other higher profile friends.

Here is some advice I collected on how to create 1,000,000+ member facebook groups. The way to make money with facebook groups is to start here.

1. Follow pop culture and if a big event happens, create a group. Try and be the first to do so and people will join like mad. Example: When Heath Ledger died and “The Dark Knight” came out, someone created a group entitled “Heath Ledger Deserves a Post Humous Academy Award for his Role in the Dark Knight.” Not the shortest title but it gained more than 1,000,000 members within a month.

2. Nostalgia. A group called “If you remember this you grew up in the 90’s” has almost 2 million members. It is all about discussing things about the 90’s that people loved.

3. Experiments like 6 degrees of separation where the only point of joining the group is to participate in an experiment. These groups ask you to inivite all of your friends and usually go viral. This is the kind of group I sold (now has more than 2million members).

There are reports of People selling 1,000,000 member Facebook Groups for over $10,000.00. Why would anyone pay that? Think about that from a marketing perspective. Facebook is huge, a link on the group page could send thousands of visitors to your site. Sounds like fun….anyone else interested?