Narrow Your Friend Selection – FaceBook Help

Narrow Your Friend Selection – If you have found this annoying statement from facebook while selecting all friends for an event invite. Fear not! What you will need to do is whittle down your number of invites to under a 1000 per invite window. You can do this easily once you group your friends into lists (not so easy). However, it is manageable and you can check out a video I made on how to do this..Facebook lists.

Once you have everybody group into logical lists, then inviting them to events becomes an easy task. Make sure you check out the Chrome Extension, Invite all friends to facebook event that I built that allows you to select all friends in an invite or recommend page window with one click. Gone for now are the days of clicking till your blue in the face…..

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How to Get a Website for Free

How to Get a Website for Free….Well if you have finally decided to take the plunge and get a website, here is a FREE way to do just that.

Sign up for a free account at . Yes you can do it totally free and have your website be something like Or if you really want to splurge and have your own domain name like then just spend the $8 or so a year at Godaddy to register that domain name. Then point it to It is very simple and quite cost effective. It’s not exactly How to Get a Website for Free, but damn near the next best thing.

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Facebook Search Friends – Tips to reconnect with friends.

If you joined facebook to connect with people you have lost touch with, here are a few good examples of ways to connect.

  • Search for them by their name – The most effective way if you know the name chances are good you will find them or if their name is very common look for schools and workplaces.
  • List your high school and college alma maters. That way you can find people you might have forgotten about, likewise they can find you as well.
  • When you don’t know your former contact’s e-mail address or if his or her name is so common that you can’t find him or her in the search, you can search based on school or workplace.

List as much information as your comfortable giving out, you never know someone might be looking for you as well.


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