How to Get a Website for Free

How to Get a Website for Free….Well if you have finally decided to take the plunge and get a website, here is a FREE way to do just that.

Sign up for a free account at . Yes you can do it totally free and have your website be something like Or if you really want to splurge and have your own domain name like then just spend the $8 or so a year at Godaddy to register that domain name. Then point it to It is very simple and quite cost effective. It’s not exactly How to Get a Website for Free, but damn near the next best thing.

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Live Online Free Television – Where to watch TV for free

Technology sure does make life easier, or does it? If you are trying to find out if you can watch you’re favorite football team when they are not on your local markets channels. You are in luck. As of recently a number of sites have begun streaming real time football games. The quality is not as good as say Direct TV or a cable signal. The real kicker that is attractive to so many is that you can often watch for free. No silly setups or software or satellite cards that get zapped every couple of months.

Here is a link for Football games. Keep in mind it is not the greatest quality of video. Yet it still beats out the old rabbit ears and tin foil.

Maybe you’re most interested in catching up with soap operas while at work. Piece of cake.

Just point your browser at one of these destinations and catch up in real time.

All My Children Episodes Online (ABC Soap Operas)

As The World Turns Full Episode (CBS Soap Operas)

The Bold and the Beautiful Full Episode (CBS Soap Operas)

Days Of Our Lives Episodes Online for Free (NBC Soap Operas)

General Hospital Episodes Online Free (ABC Soap Operas)

Guiding Light Episodes (CBS Soap Operas)

Watch One Life to Live Online (ABC Soap Operas)

Soaps not your cup of tea? Well then maybe you should head over to to catch up on just about anything you can find on your programming guide. Re-runs, sit-coms, MTV and VH1 reality shows? Check!


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