Facebook Limits Event Invites

Facebook Limits Event InvitesThe latest¬†Facebook¬†buzz centers around their flimsy event application. Apparently the powers that be felt it necessary to impose restrictions on the amount of people you can invite to an event. According to the latest update from their help center dated April 9, 2013; “You can only send 100 invites at a time, and each event may only have 300 pending invites total.”

This pretty much puts a firm clamp on sending out mass invites to people who might be interested in attending your event. Bands, DJ’s, promoters, and entertainment venues will be forced to find another way to reach their fans. All in their quest to curb spam on the largest social network. So much for being social.

For now a work around might be the only way to achieve the same results you were getting before. Create event, use chrome extension or Firefox add-on/grease monkey script to do the clicking for you. Now you might actually be forced to segment your friends into manageable lists, then create multiple events for each event you are planning, then only send invites to the 100 or so people you have put into their own special list. What a PITA

Makes me wonder if they are imposing this restriction on page shares and recommendations as well, or if this affects their Event API as well. Thankfully I did not invest heavy development into building a mass invite app that works via the API.

Now onto building the social event promoter for the new standards imposed in 2013.