Craigslist Ghosting – How to prevent Ghosting of your ads.

If you’re like me and can drive traffic from to your own site, you have probably succumbed to the dreaded Craigslist Ghosting. This article should catch your attention and provide you with some insight into how craigslist screens your ads. When you are posting ads on CL, you might be posting ads in services sections or casual encounters or the jobs sections. If you have posted an ad, only to not see the ad actually go live, you have probably been ghosted.

Craigslist Ghosting works like this, you post your ad making sure you write good copy that is not a duplicate of another ad, you publish the ad, you get the email notice that the ad has been accepting and should be live. Yet the ad never sees the browsing page or front page of that category. You ad is like a ghost because no one can see it. Hence the term ghosting. Continue reading “Craigslist Ghosting – How to prevent Ghosting of your ads.”