Magic Submitter Review – BackLinking 101

This articles focus is my own Magic Submitter Review – Today’s Internet Marketing gurus want automation. The Magic Submitter lets you do exactly that! Just imagine, you click submit, sit back  and wait for dozens of powerful back links being automatically created pointing back to your web site. This amazing new submission software created by the genius of Alexander Krulik. Magic Submitter is specifically designed to submit your unique content “anywhere and everywhere”.

There are many tools on the market that promise the same type of service. While some of these tools are effective, there are many others that are just a complete waste of money. However, The Magic Submitter public version  has been described as one of the next generation of tools for link building. The Magic Submitter has the ability to support several different sites that you can build links and submit your content to; additionally, it has a great designer that will enable you to add any website into the program.

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HostGator Coupon Code 2012 – 25% Off Never Expires!

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HostGator is a Texas based web hosting company that has seen tremendously rapid expansion in recent times. You can use this HostGator Coupon Code 2012 for reseller hosting, VPS hosting, domain registration, and dedicated servers along with its core business of web hosting. Customers like the economical prices of the web hosting plans and data storage combined with stellar customer service.

There are numerous stellar reviews from the clients of this host. Some of the good remarks stated by its customers are that this web hosting server provides its customer with 99.9% me which is guaranteed by the CEO (Brent) of the company and literally no downtime is required has been stated by the customers using this server for several years. It is gaining popularity over time and is the most trusted web hosting company because of the responsible management team and money back terms.

I guarantee this HostGator Coupon Code 2102 will work. 25% your first Month on any of there hosting plans. Excellent customer service and support. If you need assistance with a VPS they are there. Hold times can be 5-15 minutes or less than 5 depending on what time you try to reach them.

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Social Monkee Review

Social Monkee ReviewSocial Monkee Review – This article will attempt to provide concise and thoughtful information on automatic back linking of content developed for keyword search traffic.

Social Monkee what is it?

Social Monkee is a website that is supposed to help you create extra back links through an automated one-click and push-the-button to post system. Free accounts can pickup 25 backlinks per submission! So what are backlinks and why should they be important to you?

Backlinks are basically incoming links to a website. Think of them as votes. The more votes you have the more likely you are to win a competition. Back links are often achieved via signing up to various social websites and posting your website’s content links to the social profile. Social Monkee is designed to do this for you automatically. Placing your link in multiple, popular locations on the web signals to the search engines “Hey, this site must be pretty important” and will skew search engines in your favor, and your content will more likely to rank higher in the search results. Continue reading “Social Monkee Review”