Stolen Gear Alert! 5 Les Pauls Stolen – Drum Kit

A local musician has suffered an incredible loss. 5 of his prized Les Pauls were stolen, while he was playing at a gig. A week later his bandmate/drummer suffered the same fate. Having his drum kit and trailer stolen as well. I am putting this post up so people can have something to reference that is not just on facebook. There is a reward, and the community is doing everything they can to help. Currently the reward is at $1300 and climbing. If you have any information please call 727-608-0177




100 Years of Musical Evolution

Another original meme. This is a less than perfect but accurate depiction of where music has come over the course of the last century or so. I could not possibly mention all the genres, or styles that have come and gone, or that are still hanging in their strong. Punk, Goth, Shoe Gaze OR classical, r&b, reggae. What about Ska, or Thrash Metal.


Western Sky Financial – Review Is it a Scam?

Hey everyone it’s that time again. Today we are going to look at the commercial we have been seeing on TV for Western Sky Financial. This is a company that is operated wthin the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, this is important to understand as they are not a US based company.  What this also means is that they are not subject to the same banking, or truth in lending practices that US companies must adhere to.

But is Western Sky financial a Scam?

Hardly, They state right in their commercial, “Yes they money is expensive, but there is no collateral required.” This theme is very common among payday loan operators as well. Before you fill out an application for a loan, check out their rates. You can view their rates right on their websites rates page. They describe the APR as well as the origination loan fee that will be assessed to each loan depending on the loan you are requesting. Western Sky Financial puts their rates out their for everyone to see how much the loan will cost you, hardly a scam. Yet these are very expensive loans. The lowest available APR is 116.73% and it can run as high as %215.03.

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