American Gold Buffalo Coin Scam – Review Seen on TV

You’ve probably watched the ad on TV and wondered what the deal is. The ad states “This $50 gold piece is the purest gold coin ever struck by the US government.” Call now and you can get your own for only $9.95 plus $4.95 for shipping and handling. First off this is not a real government issued coin. It is a replica of the purest gold coin ever minted by the US government. It is merely a collectible coin. It does not have any monetary value. You should not be looking to buy this type of coin to invest in gold coins. You can compare it to those Barack Obama collector plates that were popular when he became president.

But of course the commercial does not make it seem that this is the case. The commercial puts special emphasis on the price of gold skyrocketing past $1000 an ounce. They also emphasize that this Buffalo gold coin has 14 mg of pure 24 karat gold. What? how much gold is that exactly?

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Search Website – How to search your favorite website.

Google sure can make your life a lot easier if you know a few basic search commands to help you narrow your search results.

Specifically if you wanted to search facebook for a person’s name you could search a website like this. John Smith

That returns quite a few results. You can apply this search methodology to just about anything you might want to ask.

Searching for medical information? + Your search phrase


This will limit your search results to only those from the domain. Pretty simple and really useful, try it out and see what you can come up with.


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How to Invite All Friends to Event – Facebook Help

How to Invite All Friends to Event – This has plagued Facebook users since the creation of events. First you had to paste some javascript into the browser’s address bar. What a pain! Not anymore.

Everyone knows what a pain in the butt it is to add a bunch of people from your friends list whenever you plan an event, whether it’s a gig for a band or cousin Lenny’s Bar Mitzvah. You have to create an event, then select invite friends, Then, click on whole bunch of people, a LOT. It just plain stinks to sit there and click, and click and click. So I created a little teeny tiny chrome extension, whch will run some of that familiar javascript magic that will do it for you! Except with just a single click. No copy, paste. Just Click!

This simple Chrome extension will make an event organizer or participants life much, much easier. However this is only tested and running on Google’s Chrome browser. If you have not used Chrome, it is a fast, efficient true HTML standards web browser. It’s Free and developed by Google. Currently there are no plans to port this to Firefox at this time.

You will need to already have Chrome installed or install Chrome first before proceeding.


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Here is a video clip showing the plug-in in action


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