How to fix WordPress Auto Update Media Temple

This is probably one of the most problematic issues with running WP as your CMS. I run several blogs/sites on WP and quite frequently I have had to manipulate files/permissions and settings to get the auto update features to work correctly. Plug-ins, Core files all need a few simple things in place to have this update work correctly.

Having just fixed this blog, it’s time to explain a few steps that I have taken.

WordPress Permissions:

This can be a tricky area and a lot depends on how your host runs PHP. Each host has their own way of doing things and for the most part WordPress should run fine. I run on Media Temple so what I talk about typically will work on any CentOS/Plesk configuration.

WordPress files and folders should be set to 0755. There are other folders/files that need permissions at 0777 if you are going to allow WordPress to write any files that you might upload.  Set wp-content/uploads and wp-content/cache to 0777. This is important if you want caching to work or if  you are going to be using the media upload capabilities of WordPress.

How to Start a Letter

How many of you have sat back, ready to convey your thoughts. Only to draw a complete blank. Often the way we start our thought process helps the with the flow of what we are trying to say. Depending on the type of communication we are using, we might start with a casual hey, how are you or a formal Mr. Smith opening statement.

You should consider the communication medium (email or formal letter), the person you are addressing, your relationship with the person you are addressing, and finally the sentiment of the point you are addressing in your communication.

Let’s take some examples.

Impersonal and friendly

Hey Frank, you want to hang out at Murphy’s, watch the ball game and flirt with the waitresses.

Formal and business like.

Mr. Esposito, I noticed you are a fan of hockey, Maybe you would like to meet up at Murphy’s later this evening to finalize our contract details. Let me know at your earliest convenience.


Grammar C. Checkups.


There you have it. Anything else drop me a comment, and let’s talk about it.


How To Open a PDF file

Ok, readers this is a very common file type, one that is created by Adobe systems uber popular and successful program Acrobat. It stands for [P]ortable [D]ocument [F]ormat file types or *.pdf.

Acrobat is a word processing and formatting program. If you just want to view the files created by Adobe Acrobat you can download the free Adobe Reader X from adobes web site here . This geek recommends that you do not install the McAfee free scanning tool. If you already have anti-virus it might cause issues. Or this free tool is going to ask you to upgrade to a paid version to do anything worthwhile.

Once your download and insall Acrobat Reader, you can open and print these files. If you ever find the need to edit one of these PDF files, that is going to require some additional (expensive) software. Adobe Acrobat retails for around $75 to $100.