How JobShouts will help change the job board landscape.

job_huntIt’s been just over 2 months since we launched In that short amount of time we have learned quite a lot about how the job & employment sectors are evolving. The job boards/print media businesses are in flux. Newspapers are filing bankruptcy protection. Social media and the interwebs are forcing huge companies to evolve. How much longer before the job boards (that are owned by large media conglomerates) are affected as well?

We have talked to several fortune 500 HR professionals. Employers are looking to shave expenses in the recruitment sector. There is a lot of competition for the job advertising dollar. The traditional pay to post job boards are taking a huge financial hit. How long will they continue to deliver an abundance of candidates that are  under-qualified for your jobs?

Interesting companies are taking the lead and bringing cost effective solutions to HR departments and recruiters. From job boards and search engines; to applicant tracking systems. A new breed of  job site scrapers, spiders, and applications are indeed changing the landscape.

Companies like Jobshouts & will be leading the way by offering cost effective solutions.

Jobshouts job listings are placed into the twitter stream. This makes your job instantly visible via, or to candidates using a 3rd party client like tweetdeck or twhirl. Real-time search? perfect for the job market. pulls jobs from employer only job sites. A fresh new idea, one that will probably be imitated by many in the near future. Linkup is unlike the aggregate sites like indeed & simply hired. Those sites are mostly scraping the big boards, crap in, crap out.

Getting job search results in Google is not effective. Unless you are using a large board, the challenge of finding candidates is difficult to say the least. Even if you are a Fortune 500 company with a highly visible, expensive web site. The chances of your job listings showing up in organic results is slim to none. This only works for candidates that are highly intelligent, and familiar with Boolean search algorithms, and people looking to work for your company directly.

Social media is changing that. Did someone say Twitter search? Twitter is quickly gaining ground as a tool to search what is happening right now. Real time search is the new search industry buzzword. What better place to have your jobs exposed? At jobshouts we feel that twitter’s search engine is a perfect medium to broadcast job openings. Fresh relevant content that will deliver highly focused candidates.

Twitter has gained immense traction as a networking tool. One that is highly effective at finding information that is relevant and pertinent to its users. That is if you know how to use it effectively. I wonder how many affiliate marketing deals we will see. Twitter 101 anyone?

Google is a great search engine, however for job seekers it is often, confusing and difficult. It is highly biased to the industry veterans, the career builder and sites. They have bought and paid for every single search keyword related to employment, effectively blocking the competition from delivering real jobs to the average job seeker.

Watch what Google says about twitter closely. First was the public downplay “twitter is the poor man’s email”, then comes the rumors of negotiations to purchase (that’s happening now). Then a likely buy offer, countered by Microsoft’s anti-trust bandwagon in an attempt to block Google’s monopolization of real-time search traffic. Personally I would like to see twitter remain its own entity.

Quit rambling Mike! You said how can jobshouts change this?

We have given thought to releasing our platform as Open Source to further development. Our aim is to improve the job board industry. Exposing our platform as open source is a logical step as our code is based on another open source product called jobberbase. Re-releasing the twitter integration and user profiles that we added to the US development community would improve the product immensely. While making it very simple to integrate within a corporate web space.

If Jobshouts is released as OS, you can bet you will see a change in the job board market. Employers will be able run their own boards. Job boards will shift from the pay to post model to a pay per click, or free model. It’s exciting to be part of a huge market that is ripe for change.

A centralized database could provide millions of jobs to thousands of boards, localized, specialized, niche, sales, IT, medical, HR you name it the sky is the limit. This is my vision of how the job board market could take shape. There are many others that feel this way. We have talked to quite a few and will likely align ourselves with some key players in the very near future. Stay tuned for further developments.

I would love to see high quality, fresh relevant jobs delivered right in front of the eyeballs of those who need it most. The jobseeker.  That and of course our original goal of delivering a cost effective solution to employers.

What do you think? How can we improve on this? What do you bring to the table? D you want to work with us to build a better mousetrap?

Are you my mother – Smart Car Humor

smart_momAre you my mother? Hard to say right? LOL,  this was taken by Bonnie Newman, my girlfriend’s sister. Her caption is pretty funny, it’s pretty amazing that the cart actually looks like the smart car. Were the designers eyeballing the cart design? Hmmm that’s a great cart lets make it into a car, and call it smart. Nice Job Bonnie!

EDIT: January 22, 2012 It appears that this little photo has been picked up and went slightly viral. So, if you lift this and use it on your own site, you must link back and credit the original creators.