10 things To Say On Valentines day

valentine_clipartReviving an old post to see how much things have changed since I wrote this three years ago.

Wow the last week was such a rush. our project has received a lot of focus. A lot of kudos, and interesting things happened. Most of what I said here was related to that. Some good, some not so good.

I took some time to reflect on what has happened in the last few weeks. Some quiet time alone tinkering with my wounded desktop, crashing my server and then reviving it. In between sporadic attempts at getting things done my mind tended to wander. So in the interest of lightening the mood…

Here’s my list of 10 things I want to say to my girl on Valentines day.

10. Hey sexy, how about you and me and some clean sheets.

9.  When was the last time I told you how stunning you are?

8.  If you make me feel any better, I just might burst into flames.

7. You get what you put in, so umm when do you wanna start to getting?

6. The first time I saw you was like the last time.

5. some people make music, our song is from our love.

4. The day I made you cry the earth stood still. 🙁

3. The next smile you see on my face will be because of you.

2. Craigs List Rules!

1. We are strong, we are bold, forever young never old. IOUR

Hope everyone else has a great Valentine’s Day!!! cheers

JobShouts vs. JobAngels

This had to be written, two separate ideas, two separate entities, one a cause, ours a business adventure.

JobAngels was the thought of one guy, Mark Stelzner. He was watching the twitter ‘stream’ one morning, he saw tweople talking about job loss, job searches, #jobs hashtags, including @jobshouts. That morning of that first memorable #jobangels tweet was January 29th 2009.

JobShouts was 4 days old and had pulled in close to 400 followers, by chirping out job ads from recruiters, and HR personnel we had connected with. A lot of people liked what we were doing even @chrisbrogan, and @shelisrael gave us props 🙂

JobShouts was built as a site before we went live.  Open Source based,  modified with additional classes and functions, enabling us to talk to twitter. We built a site to compete with the big boards, without all the fluff, we just want JOBS. Being free I bet we can get a lot of them. What do you think?

A conference call was setup between the principals On Feb 11th 2009. The attendees were @tall_geek, @imjustagoyle, @emploerbrander, and @stelzner. We participated in a 30 minute conference call. Discussions centered mostly around what we were doing, suggestions of complementing each other by linking to each others sites. I offered a front page logo and a page to describe their efforts.

JobAngels won’t have a site for a couple more weeks. They are setting up a legit non-profit corp.  crossing their t’s and dotting the i’s so to speak. Mark was pretty adamant about their need to “own their data”.  That is the reason the site is not live already at Ning, or KickApps. We applaud their efforts, but  I question for the need to “own” all that data. If your just a bunch of volunteers trying to help people get jobs. Why do you need to own “all the data”?

Jobshouts is a job board. A simple to use, free place to advertise that you are hiring. Because we are active with it and have built it around twitter, and social media, that has brought us some attention. Nice, but I don’t think we were ready for it.

Now it’s up to us to deliver. What good is all that attention if we don’t deliver something of value. JobShouts aims to do just that.

JobShouts and the press

How would you feel? Job Shouts mentioned in the blogosphere.


With JobAngels and JobShouts, Twitter helps jobless find work

Our project that launched two weeks ago has now appeared on two major internet blogs, and several medium career focused sites. about.com wrote a piece about jobshouts. The LA Times tech blogger David Sarno also wrote a piece on JobAngels, JobShouts, and twitter in the job search. That article appeared in print and in the Business Tech blog.

The realization that major media is recognizing your efforts is a great feeling. In the grand scheme of things, most people will go their whole lives without the kind of attention that our project has created.

We are growing quickly, but something told me this would be big before we went live.

In fact this could be huge, if done correctly we can create a large database of fresh, relevant, and current jobs. Something “disruptive” to the traditional boards. To use a phrase we hear repeatedly.

It’s really not what I wanted to hear

Another part of me reads those words, and a little voice in my head say”you can do better”. This is only the beginning, you have only scratched the surface. We are referred to as web innovators 🙂 playing on the field of dreams, with no real revenue model cast. There is a model trust me 😉

Most of what we really want to do with jobshouts is not ready yet. More features are in development, features that the times left out of their article. We have layout changes, image branding, a blog platform to design. Lots of things to do. Our site will constantly be in flux, dynamic, changing to the needs of the empoyment community.

Then there’s the naysayer, the one that needs to stir the pot. Claiming we are doing no more than cluttering up the stream. There is always someone that will be jealous of others accomplishments. We have no intention of taking any of that to heart. We have heard time and again, we are offering a great service. Something tells me we might be bruising some egos. That’s what it takes to get to the top, you have to step on some toes on the way up.

the next step

The most important featuress of jobshouts.com will be incorporating social media to spread jobs & job news quickly. To connect people looking with those hiring.  Job seekers will opt in, for relevant job notices, and networking opportunities. Sent via DM in 140 characters or less.

We fully expected the site to do well. We felt that recruiters and employers would welcome our service. Now we have to deliver candidates. After all what good is a service, if it does not meet our clients needs?

Only time will tell if our efforts will take root.