Does the social web need Miranda?

james-andrewsIn today’s world, just about everyone involved in social media knows not to make a fool of yourself online. I say just about everyone because a lot of people still manage to make asses out of themselves anyway. From the Ketchum/FedEx fiasco in Mephis, TN to the minor ruckus involving techno-geek Robert Scoble on his birthday.

It is understandable for so-called social experts to come under fire for making statements that reflect poor judgment. However is it necessary to put up a facade? Do we need to hide behind a fake smile while true expression recedes like the tides? If you have ever been to Memphis you will know exactly what James Andrews was talking about. That place needs more than just a face lift. Continue reading “Does the social web need Miranda?”

Why shoud I use URL shorteners like or

blowfish_logo_smallThese URL shortening services such as tiny.url,,, and are becoming more and more popular with geeky people using twitter, and looking to save time typing URL’s. There’s also another reason you should as well. More on that in a minute.

You may have even noticed that Twitter auto converts long url’s in your tweets into tinyurl addresses. So Mike, why should I be using something besides the built in tinyurl that twitter auto converts for me? It’s so easy. Continue reading “Why shoud I use URL shorteners like or”

10 Things I have learned about Twitter

twitterEveryone is writing a 10 list about something these days. With twitter being such a huge influence in the social web. I spent the last couple months watching what “you’re doing” on twitter. I doubted the usefulness until I started looking at what was making the service so successful. My first thoughts were that it’s just a fad. No, its not really a ‘”fad”, it’s actually useful. It enriches peoples lives. I feel that tweets are here to stay for some time.

Yet I still ask myself, how can they monetize their service? It would be impossible to continue to outlay huge amounts of capital without recouping the investment at some point in time. Twitter will eventual monetize their service in several areas, most likely through its API, and partnerships with cell carriers. Their service and API was a bit shaky at first. The typical growing pains of a start up.  Now it seems more robust and stable.  I have not seen an error while updating in weeks. So what have I learned from the micro-blogging universe that is twitter? Read on… Continue reading “10 Things I have learned about Twitter”