What is a MyLife Profile Alert

mylifecom_logoMyLife.com is a supposed social networking site that claims to help old friends connect. Isn’t that what Facebook is for? In all actuality they are a data aggregation website masquerading as a social networking site and a source of false misleading SPAM.

My take on it, it’s a barren wasteland that uses bots and SPAM to target potential members to surrender personal information for less than special reasons. They have been labeled as a scam and a class-action suit has been brought against the principals behind the operation. The premise of the suit states that mylife.com had members use their credit cards to pay for a membership fee of $7.95 to reconnect and find out who may be looking for them. The company then charged unsuspecting customers $100 or more to their credit cards.

That’s not all, in addition to blatant fraud, their victims find out that the company has grabbed their friends email addresses and are now soliciting them stating that someone is looking for them. Preposterous!

You might get an email from them stating that someone is searching for you on their site. Yeah, don’t fall for that. They do that to every email address they can get their hands on. They get millions of emails from unsuspecting users address book by literally hi-jacking their way in.

The bogus charges are from subscriptions that the user was not aware of.  MyLife’s homepage has a search box, very prominently placed, that states, see who’s searching for you. You punch in your name, age and zip code to “find out instantly” who is searching for you. However, before you are given any results, you are taken to a page where you are asked to connect your email accounts under the guise of getting new alerts. When in fact what you have done is given MyLife access to your address book. Further propagating their scam.

MyLife has supposed testimonials from users that praise the site. Of course, why would they put up a scam alert? The numerous complaints all paint a very different picture. Really though, think about it. How often would someone from your past be searching for you? Would you even care? Why would they not just look you up on Facebook?

Nearly everyone that pays the subscription fees to find out who is looking for them comes up empty handed. Repeatedly people find out its all just hoax and no one is really looking for them.

They already have my profile!

Other’s have reported finding false information about themselves after “claiming” their own profiles. If you find that they have incorrect information you should act immediately and insist that your profile be removed and scrubbed from their database. Most legitimate websites want happy satisfied customers. MyLife is not one of those sites. I don’t know if they will actually remove your profile, I don’t have experience with the site and have no intention of sharing my information with them. There are reports out their on the net stating that others have emailed them and insisted they remove their fraudulently obtained data, and had their profiles taken down. They have also been know to ask users to pay a fee to have their profile taken down.

Is this Illegal?

Most of the data you find on MyLife, is obtained from public sources and is technically not illegal to redistribute. Lying is not illegal on the net, other wise dating sites would fall by the wayside! Ethically speaking, the people at MyLife.com must be morally bankrupt knowing that for 13 years they have been preying on unsuspecting users that fall for their ridiculous scam tactics.


#4sqday Tampa

What a novel concept concocted by my friend @NateBW over at Bright Eyes Vision Care. That’s right a person I know, came up with the whole foursquare day idea. April 16th is now officially known as foursquare day. 4/16 is 4squared = 16 Get it? Yeah OK just checking 🙂

Got Cake?What an awesome event this was, it really brings home the impact social media has on local businesses. Tweetup’s are pretty informal and probably a lot less organized or centered around businesses than a 4sq swarm type event. We unlocked the Swarm badge (50+ checkins at one location) in like 30 minutes. While Tampa did not make the Goal of 250 check ins for a Super Swarm badge, something tells me we are not far from achieving that milestone.

Afterall foursquare is still young. Most people have heard of twitter and facebook. If you mention foursquare, people probably think you are talking about that game you played in grade school. Remember that? four kids, four squares in a 2×2 grid, one ball…the ensuing chaos!

This version of foursquare is much, much better. This version is a game of sorts, with people ‘checking’ in to places they frequently visit. Earning badges and completing to do’s. Competing for mayor titles, and generating user supplied content about the places they frequent.

Businesses are in love with the cost effective ways of promoting their offerings through an online presence. Take for example the Hyatt Regency in Downtown. Not only did they host the Tampa 4sqday event, they offer a huge discount of %50 off purchases made by the mayor of their location. You get to be mayor of an establishment by checking in there more than anyone else over a 60 day period.

Watch this service blossom as adoption rates by local businesses soar. What possibilities could foursquare unlock for your business? Does you business have any tips? Have you claimed your business and made a special offer available to foursquare users?

You should act now, before your competition does. This is one great tool for business. Geek out!

Izeafest 2009 in review


Izeafest is a tech savvy blogger & social media evangelists convention that I had the pleasure of attending recently. Ted Murphy kicks off the event, well actually it was Ted’s look alike brother that came out screaming and insanely intense. He got everyone going and must have yelled “WWWOOOOOOOOO” at least 10 times with his tongue sticking out. He finally introduced Ted and the ‘fest’ was underway. Ted talked a bit about what izea was and how it came to be. He talked about his building of his personal brand and designing sites like the launch of sponzai for sponsored tweets.  I am not really sure what to make of Ted, I can’t really tell if he is sincere or just in it to win it. marketing guys are a lot about image, Teds no different.

@copyblogger, is up next and opens with a video address from @problogger who was supposed to be there, but do to scheduling conflicts well Brian apparently took his place. Brian does a great job discussing how he made his way to the digg front page, and his subsequent auto-ban. apparently digg users are a strange brew. He talks about how digg is irrelevant to him and how the traffic pretty much sucked anyway. Does a nice long series of Q/A with audience.  Interesting questions about blogging, and marketing your content.

Some guitarist comes out after lunch, playing some smoking  leads from a lot of popular rock songs. Sea World VP cuts him short. Poor guy. Sea World precedes to talk about brand and their 10 properties for 30 minutes. I liked the guitar dude better.

Panel discussion with @brettbum moderating. A marketing session for blogger’s. Guess what? A-listers are snobby! yeah no kidding? Disclosure and transparency issues discussed in detail. Consensus seems to agree that if disclosure is made then paid posts are acceptable. Survey of audience re: how many bloggers have been paid to blog. Crowds hands indicate around 40% or so. How much marketing dollars spent have you been in charge of? Not much from this group.

  1. crowd sourcing questions
  2. transparency and authenticity are cited repeatedly.

SugarRae conducts several site evaluations Xomba, a cancer social community, and I offer up jobshouts.com to be ripped apart. I am grateful for the expert advice. It will surely come in handy later in jobshouts development path. Greywolf discusses building back links from quality sites, Rae also talks about correcting  our 302 redirects to 301 redirects to a category page. Interesting one that I had not thought of thanks for that. She tells me to buy the domain name jobshout.com because people will mistype it.

I have to say I was a tad alienated with the session with @pop17, and that other blonde chick. the crowd was lets just say a little unimpressed. Some rather funny tweets were flying around the room despite the severe shortage of wireless access.

Friday Night there was an event at the @icebar, on International drive. Lot’s of bloggers and media personalities on hand for a Karaoke contest. One amazing performance of Journey’s “Don’t stop believing” by Trevor the geek that ran the izeafest show.

Saturday’ s opening Keynote by @technosailor was a bang. Personal brands don’t mean squat. “No one cares about you”, really. He made a point immediately then outlined what it takes to be an influencer, a community builder. Smart Guy and the only one I gave props to after they spoke. Way to mix it up Aaron!

Liz Strauss talks about who she is, where she has been, how she is sure of herself. How she started out shy and not comfortable in front of people, and about how she offers value to the community. Her outlook is impressive and the shyness bit really struck a chord with Robin.

Chris Brogan was one of the main reasons I wanted to attend this event, I know everyone knows that Chris is a master of building communities and presence. He speech was good, candid, informative, educational, funny! Just about any adverb you could use, Chris has it covered. I look forward to attending other events like this one. I learned a lot about which way the marketing trends are moving, personal branding, technology, trends and the human social interaction methods that are evolving the way we communicate.