Magic Submitter Review – BackLinking 101

This articles focus is my own Magic Submitter Review – Today’s Internet Marketing gurus want automation. The Magic Submitter lets you do exactly that! Just imagine, you click submit, sit back  and wait for dozens of powerful back links being automatically created pointing back to your web site. This amazing new submission software created by the genius of Alexander Krulik. Magic Submitter is specifically designed to submit your unique content “anywhere and everywhere”.

There are many tools on the market that promise the same type of service. While some of these tools are effective, there are many others that are just a complete waste of money. However, The Magic Submitter public version  has been described as one of the next generation of tools for link building. The Magic Submitter has the ability to support several different sites that you can build links and submit your content to; additionally, it has a great designer that will enable you to add any website into the program.

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HostGator VPS Review – only The VPS you should consider

HostGator VPS ReviewHello and thanks for stopping by to check out my article on HostGator VPS Review. Let’s dive right in and get started shall we.

HostGator is a fairly strong and rapidly expanding hosting company that now boasts over 7 Million domains. They take great pride in offering reliable hosting and great support. They offer 5 different types of hosting plans; shared, seo hosting, reseller, VPS and dedicated. Today we are going to talk in more detail about the VPS hosting solution that HostGator offers.

A VPS or virtual private server is a server that has been split into several different servers. Within this split environment, there is a complete operating system, dedicated memory and hard drive space. Each individual Hostgator VPS can be fully managed, rebooted and configured according to what ever needs you may have. Continue reading “HostGator VPS Review – only The VPS you should consider”

Get Featured on – How To make More Money. is a new website that is getting a lot of attention. Basically it allows people to post gigs or micro-jobs, offering a service for $5. It started out as a cult experiment to see just what kind of things people would do….for $5. Now it’s getting a little more serious, people are starting to use the site to outsource small web tasks. They are promoting more obscure jobs, like a man ranting about whatever random subject you can come up with for 30 seconds….on video.

A lot of people are considering fiverr as a way to earn some extra scratch. With the right offering, and promotion, you too could be earning a few hundred extra dollars a month. If you get featured there it is because enough people like your gig enough, then prepare for the orders to come rushing in.

Here are a few tips to help you succeed on

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