All About SEO – What you NEED to know

If you are new to internet marketing, then no doubt, you have quickly become tired of all the hype and lies online. If you do not spend an adequate time researching your needs and the resources that are available to you, you could easily spend thousands and get absolutely no where. I have seen just about everything and even bought into a few so called, experts and their secret sauce formula on how to make money online. It simple comes down to this; The SEO business is 80 percent scam, It is very, very difficult to find a good firm.

First, experts generally agree that SEO firms are most worthwhile at the development stage of a website. For example, for $225 an hour, I will take a spin around your site, looking for the elements that will get you to the top of a search–clean URLs, site maps, heading tags, page titles. Ideally, someone like me helps lay a solid, searchable foundation for a site as it’s being constructed. Beyond that, myself and other search experts don’t see much value in contracting with an SEO firm. Once you optimize the website and everyone on the team understands what needs to be done, there should be no cost moving forward.

So what might be a good use of your SEO dollars?

One word: Links.

Google uses about 200 data points when sizing up your website. But one of them is whether you’re popular with the in crowd. If reputable websites link to your content, the Google gods smile upon you.

Getting these coveted links is labor intensive, however, and includes hours of groveling, cold e-mailing and link-swapping with bloggers. “It’s the hardest part of SEO,” says David Brown, a partner in the L.A.-based upstart social media marketing company Pure Ground. It’s not impossible to achieve, he says, but many entrepreneurs don’t have the hours to spare. An SEO firm that specializes in getting links might be worth the investment.

Check out our SEO Services page. If I can help you I will be happy to, if not I will wish you luck and work with people I can help.


Search Marketing Solutions

A Search Marketing Solution is a method used to market a specific product or service with an online marketing effort. I specialize in understanding the needs of each business I engage with. I examine all aspects of the product and the science of search engine marketing that will deliver the results my clients are looking for. With over 15 years experience in internet and enabling technologies, your money will be wisely spent.

I provide an assortment of technical knowledge, effective marketing services, web design experience, and search engine optimzation standards to ensure that my clients receive a top tier search engine marketing campaign. Each customer that I work for is always customized based on their individual needs. I do not offer cookie cutter solutions. I take pride in this 100% effective method of building trust in an SEO/SEM relationship.

If you are thinking about a PPC/CPA/CPM marketing strategy, pick up the phone and give me a ring. I would be happy to chat about the opportunities that I may be able to help with.

To find out how we can customize a search marketing campaign to meet your specific goals and marketing objectives, Call 813-817-0170 Today.

Best Toronto SEO – A review

If you are looking for an SEO expert based in Toronto;  look no further than the Toronto SEO firm. The Best SEO Toronto has to offer! This is a group with a lot of experience and many reputable dealings online. I talked with a founding member recently, very knowledgeable, friendly, and highly accurate in SEO methods and procedures. This company will perform the necessary methods to get your website ranked for the keywords your targeting.

When researching an SEO firm, there are many things to consider, time in business, keywords/phrases they have ranked customers for, pricing, how quickly they respond. All of these things are exemplary at Toronto SEO firm. You will be hard pressed to find experts of this caliber at just any bargain basement SEO firm. In the SEO world you get what you pay for.

Pricing is reasonable and well within industry norms. Check out their online pricing structure here SEO prices in Toronto.