Media Temple DV vs Godaddy Hosting. A Review

After 6 months with media temple hosting, this former godaddy customer is completely impressed. Here are the key differences that should make a difference to you.

media_templeThe Differences:

  1. Email. Godaddy limits you to 1000 emails outbound per day. This is per hosting account. No matter how many domains you run, or whether you have a dedicated server or not. To get this limit raised you have to jump through hoops, comply with every can-spam policy requirement and restrictions. Your email’s must be approved and contain subscription list removal. As well as opt-in must agree to comply with their specs. Media Temple is no where near as restrictive with their shared service or grid service set to 50 per minute or 500 per hour. The DV servers have no outbound email restrictions. Abuse of this will just end up getting your domain black-listed.
  2. Support. Hands down Media Temple’s customer service makes Godaddy seem like a small time operation. Knowledgeable staff, quick response via phone(longest hold time yet was 17 minutes). Even though having a DV with full access, the support team will help with issues on databases, backing up data, restoring snapshots.  Knowledgeable would be on the bottom of the list for godaddy.
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