Review – Free Screen Sharing Application is a great application. This Free Screen Sharing application allows computer users to share desktops across the internet. It is not bidirectional, however control can be passed back and forth so users can control the other users desktop. It can also be used for desktop viewing. Live webcasts, Presentations, Remote Support, check! Not only is the integration seamless and nearly transparent to the user, the best part is that it is platform agnostic. Windows, Mac, Linux? Yes as long as it can run flash and java your golden.

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My Clean PC Review – is a TV Scam

It’s pretty bad to see this company My Clean PC preying on innocent consumers. They constantly change names and try to swindle people out of money for a worthless product. Buyer beware MyCleanPC is out to TAKE your hard earned cash. This company advertises on cheap national ad slots in bulk, heck for $5,000 I can put my ad out 250 times in front of 2 Million or so eyeballs. Usually late at night and on the more affordable cable networks like comedy central and home and garden TV.

I wrote about this company in early 2010 My Clean PC operates under several different monikers which are all registered to Cyber Defender, You can find more like MyFasterPCMaxMySpeed and a host of other completely useless and down right rip off scams. Each of them, recognized and known as a source of Malware.. Since I take notice of who and why people come to my site. Noticing the incoming keywords of My Clean PC, I decided to put up another warning with the hopes that people do not succumb to this scam being perpetuated on National TV.

Read this article and some of the comments to understand why My Clean PC should not be trusted. If your PC is running slowly there are several products out there than can do a pretty good job of cleaning your PC. I recommend a combination of  Super Antispyware, Malware Bytes, and Spybot seek and destroy. I have used these products and HiJack This, successfully as a Level 4 field tech for Bright House networks Road Runner High Speed online customers. During the 5 years that I worked there I ran over 7500 Service calls.

Be Warned My Clean PC is not worth it. Try AVG, or MalwareBytes first. Then if that does not work take it to a pro. Find them on CL and through WOM. Geek Out!

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American Gold Buffalo Coin Scam – Review Seen on TV

You’ve probably watched the ad on TV and wondered what the deal is. The ad states “This $50 gold piece is the purest gold coin ever struck by the US government.” Call now and you can get your own for only $9.95 plus $4.95 for shipping and handling. First off this is not a real government issued coin. It is a replica of the purest gold coin ever minted by the US government. It is merely a collectible coin. It does not have any monetary value. You should not be looking to buy this type of coin to invest in gold coins. You can compare it to those Barack Obama collector plates that were popular when he became president.

But of course the commercial does not make it seem that this is the case. The commercial puts special emphasis on the price of gold skyrocketing past $1000 an ounce. They also emphasize that this Buffalo gold coin has 14 mg of pure 24 karat gold. What? how much gold is that exactly?

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