What is a MyLife Profile Alert

mylifecom_logoMyLife.com is a supposed social networking site that claims to help old friends connect. Isn’t that what Facebook is for? In all actuality they are a data aggregation website masquerading as a social networking site and a source of false misleading SPAM.

My take on it, it’s a barren wasteland that uses bots and SPAM to target potential members to surrender personal information for less than special reasons. They have been labeled as a scam and a class-action suit has been brought against the principals behind the operation. The premise of the suit states that mylife.com had members use their credit cards to pay for a membership fee of $7.95 to reconnect and find out who may be looking for them. The company then charged unsuspecting customers $100 or more to their credit cards.

That’s not all, in addition to blatant fraud, their victims find out that the company has grabbed their friends email addresses and are now soliciting them stating that someone is looking for them. Preposterous!

You might get an email from them stating that someone is searching for you on their site. Yeah, don’t fall for that. They do that to every email address they can get their hands on. They get millions of emails from unsuspecting users address book by literally hi-jacking their way in.

The bogus charges are from subscriptions that the user was not aware of.  MyLife’s homepage has a search box, very prominently placed, that states, see who’s searching for you. You punch in your name, age and zip code to “find out instantly” who is searching for you. However, before you are given any results, you are taken to a page where you are asked to connect your email accounts under the guise of getting new alerts. When in fact what you have done is given MyLife access to your address book. Further propagating their scam.

MyLife has supposed testimonials from users that praise the site. Of course, why would they put up a scam alert? The numerous complaints all paint a very different picture. Really though, think about it. How often would someone from your past be searching for you? Would you even care? Why would they not just look you up on Facebook?

Nearly everyone that pays the subscription fees to find out who is looking for them comes up empty handed. Repeatedly people find out its all just hoax and no one is really looking for them.

They already have my profile!

Other’s have reported finding false information about themselves after “claiming” their own profiles. If you find that they have incorrect information you should act immediately and insist that your profile be removed and scrubbed from their database. Most legitimate websites want happy satisfied customers. MyLife is not one of those sites. I don’t know if they will actually remove your profile, I don’t have experience with the site and have no intention of sharing my information with them. There are reports out their on the net stating that others have emailed them and insisted they remove their fraudulently obtained data, and had their profiles taken down. They have also been know to ask users to pay a fee to have their profile taken down.

Is this Illegal?

Most of the data you find on MyLife, is obtained from public sources and is technically not illegal to redistribute. Lying is not illegal on the net, other wise dating sites would fall by the wayside! Ethically speaking, the people at MyLife.com must be morally bankrupt knowing that for 13 years they have been preying on unsuspecting users that fall for their ridiculous scam tactics.


Coinigy Review – The Blomberg of Altcoins

CoinigyCoinigy develops and markets big data solutions for the crypto currency market. There flag ship product is a charting and trading platform that caters to the needs of bitcoin and alternative crypto currency traders. Coinigy allows users the ability to trade across multiple exchanges all from one seamless well laid out interface. You can use Coinigy to track your balances across numerous exchanges and consolidate your trading efforts in one simple intuitive interface. Coinigy is cloud based so there is no application that needs to run on your local hardware which also makes the coinigy platform OS agnostic. No funds are actually stored with Coinigy, just your API keys for accessing each exchange you trade with.

Coinigy uses what they tout as the Universal Exchange API. This API allows anyone to fetch, process and analyze real-time data across all supported exchanges. The newest API allows trading between exchanges to assist with Market liquidity and allowing for near instant arbitrage. Coinigy has effectively built a one-stop shop for anyone that is interested in building automated trading bots and services that would require analyzing real time crypto market data.

Coinigy is known for their high definition charts and low latency chart updates. Charts update in real time, on all supported exchanges. There are many technical analysis tools available for charting and researching trends. Coinigy also supports alerts across desktop alarms, email and SMS price action movements. You can also use Coinigy to keep track of your overall crypto portfolio value. Just add your wallet addresses and presto!

Coinigy has secured 100K in seed money financing and I would keep an eye out on this company for investment opportunity. I have a subscription and absolutely love the service thus far. With a guarantee of 99% up time, what’s not to like right?

What really stands out about Coinigy is the design and the customization it offers. The coinigy site is extremely responsive. You can customize the background, wallpapers and indicators as would be expected from charting applications. You can also customize the alert sounds, Coinigy even includes the Mario Bros. coin sound everyone would recognize the the popular 90’s video game.

Coinigy also has a community of users. There’s a group chat where you can usually find one of the Coinigy developers actively participating in discussions. You can post your trading and charting ideas and find regular updates about features, and updates. Coinigy has also developed a Chrome extension call Cryptoticker. You can use this extension to track your crypto portfolio with just a simple click on your browsers tool bar. A nice feature if you are at work and just need to peek every once in a while.

Coinigy makes it easy to open multiple tabs and track numerous coins. Over all the charts updating in real time, beats most exchanges hands down. Before I stumbled across Coinigy I found my self opening several tabs on Bittrex, or Poloniex.

There is also a referral program, so if you are thinking of signing up, click on this link and get started.



Directv Can’t Login – My Own AT&T Nightmare

This is probably the most frustrating issue I have ever had to deal with. I’ve been with Directv since July of 2012, we subscribe to a premium channel package, NFL Sunday ticket and I even pay the extra fees so that I can watch programming on my iPad’s and streaming devices. I was pretty happy with the service, with the exception of the high fees that they charge. At one point I made a call to them and the rep was nice enough to cut around $25 a month off my bill which was averaging around $140 a month. I read an article on the web that said “All  you have to do is threaten to cancel because your bill is too high.” That actually worked.

We have the Directv Genie system. A DVR in our living room and two IP connected smart receivers in our bedrooms. I have the Directv app on my android smart phone, and on my iPad.

In case you don’t know, AT&T purchased Directv back in August of 2015. The merger was approved by the FTC making AT&T the largest content provider on the planet. That’s when my problems started.

I have been unable to login to my account since September of 2015. Multiple calls have been placed with their customer service department. Numerous hours that I will never get back, arguing with support reps that have no idea what the problem is. We have reset the password, changed the email address, cleared cookies and my internet history, changed browsers…. all for naught. Still I get his dreaded message each time I attempt to login to my account.


For the record, I have never been an AT&T customer. Never not once have I had their service. 6 different reps, have tried to help, none of them were able to accomplish what should be a simple task. I’ve threatened to cancel my service, one rep had the gall to tell me that I would be stuck with cancellation fees if I did that. Um, hello maybe if you fix my problem we wont have this issue.

I pay extra to be able to watch Sunday ticket games on my iPad and mobile device. Yet, I cannot access those services. The last rep I spoke with told me that I would get a credit of $5 a month for 6 months to offset not being able to access the content on my non satellite connected devices. Thanks, but what I really want is my access restored. I’ve been using a Roku stick on a new smart TV in my office and I really like the programming choices and ease of use to add channels.

If this keeps up, I will no longer be a loyal directv customer. I will just switch over to a simple local cable plan and save myself over a $100 a month in programming fees and headaches with my account access. Directv, if you read this, please get this sorted out. It’s really getting old.