Simple Minds – Lyrics

I wrote this almost a year ago, we recorded a track to it. It’s about the media, & their influence in modern culture.

Simple Minds

Sell me your soul, you’ll pay me to breath
Destiny’s path, never puchased or free.

Simple Minds all viewing the tube
They follow a leader straight out of the zoo

Send them a hero, for the masses to see
Unchained voices, breaking free

Todays events, and tomorrows rage
feeding the masses, the world on stage

Chorus 1 :

Simple minds, cannot break free…
trapped in themsleves, longing to be…
Simple minds, stalking their prey…
Medias children, earning their pay..

Infomercials, peddling their wares
crap you dont need, sold in pairs

Media giants, earning their fee.
writing their scripts, they pick what you see.

Bombings, Killings, and everything vile
Breaking news, delivered with a smile

So pick up a book, turn off the TV
quit wasting away, ignore billy mays

Chorus 2:

Simple minds, rattling their cage
breaking their chains, showing their age
Simple minds, shout it out loud
Simple minds, Simple minds………..