Blue Host review

Here is a straight to the point review for BlueHost. Lately I have heard some pretty good things about them. There are so many hosts out there that this geek decided to check this one out. Here is my take on BlueHost…keep in mind I do not host with them I host with Media Temple. This is a non-sponsored post. However if you are considering signing up with blue host, feel free to sign up via my affiliate banner. 🙂

At first glance this company appears to be serious about web hosting. They have a visually appealing site and easy to find contact information. A great feature is that BlueHost allows a demo of their control panel which is a customized version of cPanel. It’s a nice feature that allows you to review how cPanel works before committing to an agreement.

Standard Features are all there with nothing lacking. All of the expected features of a web host using cPanel, including multiple database support, FTP, email, etc. BlueHost’s is the only one  I could find, at least that has a package featuring unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth.  However there is a limited number of databases (50 each for MySQL and Postgre) but more FTP and email accounts than you could ever use. Pricing is dependent on how long you sign up for.

While not being a fan of minimum contract lengths, when you average the pricing out over a years time BlueHost is quite competitive.

cPanel Control Panel

After signing up and 2 clicks later, I was in my control panel. If you know about cPanel, you can probably skip this paragraph. It’s all very standard. You have the controls for  SQL, sub domains, email, etc. features just like every other instance of cPanel. There’s a few nice customized add ons such as their domain manager, a quick click site builder, and some additional options to manage your account. BlueHost has Fantastico, which is up-to-date with the latest stable versions of the commonly installed apps. The cPanel worked very fast and performs flawlessly as is should.


You can reach their support department using their toll-free number. Generally someone will respond within about 30 seconds after dialing. Support is friendly knowledgeable, and offer expert assistance across varying levels of tech support hierarchy. Even the basic tech support staff is able to handle over %95 of the support calls while routing more complicated issues to the most senior staff.

In comparison, BlueHost seems like a very good web host. The company has their act together and can be considered a top quality web host with great features and awesome support.

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