Broke Back Michael

Living with constant back pain:

lumbarvertebraeHave you ever felt what its like to have unending deeply rooted pain? Do you know what it feels like to not be able to do the everyday things most people take for granted?  I most certainly do, that is what it is like to be Mike. Everyday for the last 3 months.

Still I have to drive on. To at least try to contribute to our means of being self sufficient. My career has taken a quick 90 degree turn. I cannot drive and do my old job. Sometimes the pain can be unbearable and certainly a distraction from driving. The last thing I need is to make my condition any worse. I try to work on people’s website’s, but it is a very tough market.

I have lived with back pain for over 4 years. A blown out herniated disc is the culprit. So much material has squeezed out of my L4/L5 disc that life just plain sucks. Normal people have a space about the size of a half dollar in their spinal canal. Mine has been reduced to the size of your little finger. That much material needs to be removed. The sooner the better. This was before I re-injured myself in Septemberminimally_invasive

The Surgery is usually outpatient

I have to have this procedure if there is any hope of returning to a normal life. There is constant pressure on the nerves. The nerves that lead to my right leg are constantly under pressure. I have sensations in my right foot that feel like a thousand needles are being stuck in the sole. Muscle spasms and cramps all to frequently. My legs are getting weaker, mostly from lack of physical activity. I have gained around 20-25 extra pounds. Robin tells me I’m not fat. However I’m 6’7″ tall and currently around 250 pounds, I feel fat. I feel like a bloated whale at times.

I was once a tall and strong man. Now I am reduced to near helplessness. I depend so much on others it’s scary. What can I do? I can only hope that I can find a way to fix this. We will try every means at our disposal. Hopefully through the power of people, and the social web we can make a miracle happen.

Is this Possible?

What do you think? I would love to hear about what ideas, or people you think we should talk to. Is there a group out there that will read my story and help? Is there a good neuro or orthopedic surgeon willing to make me normal again. Would a university hospital be the answer? We are working diligently to find an answer, so far drawing a blank.

I find it hard to believe that a 1 or 2 hour arthroscopic procedure is going to keep me from living the rest of my life as a normal human being. The American health system needs to be repaired. It is a sad, sad day in our society for someone to suffer unnecessarily.

What do you think? Have you been here? drop me a note. I would love to hear from you.


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  1. I have/had a herniated disc, mine had about 10mm pushing right into my sciatic nerve, so I understand your pain all too well. I wound up getting two shots directly into the nerve hole of the spine, and physical therapy. After many many months of diligent exercise, I’m a lot better…I’ve heard from a lot of people that the only thing that really works is getting your core muscles strong, and continuing to walk a lot. It takes a lot of patience to notice the difference between helpful pain and pain that will set you back though.

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