What is a Tweetup –

A tweetup is a Twitter meetup. Every city has them, they are pretty much ubiquitous. There is no escaping them. The @ nametags everywhere. The sometimes awkward conversations that take place when you have more than 140 characters in which to say what is on your mind. Tweetups take a great service like Twitter and turn it into something bigger, something even more social.

Bigger? Why is it bigger? Because you are able to meet people you have only met online. IRL or in real life you can talk about whatever with the people you associate with on twitter. You can also meet new contacts to enhance your career, and maybe even have a few drinks.

This casual observer believes that using more than 140 characters to talk to people is what makes tweetups so popular. Just imagine you can say something without cropping it short, and get a reply in less than six and a half minutes. Amazing concept to socialize without the constraints of a text box or @ reply.

If you are thinking of attending a tweetup, by all means do it. You won’t know what it is like until you attend one. I have attended several, and always come away with a feeling of accomplishment. If anything you will at least have some new found friends to tweet with on a regular basis.

That is what social networking is all about isn’t it. Meeting people, networking, business, pleasure, laughs, new places. Get out there and try one out. You will love it I swear!