His was the first and only sure fire way to get to the lead

This is a post about a whole lot of nothing. I am writing this in an attempt to see if I can get this page to rank on Google for the keyword phrase ‘his was. ‘

I have spent a lot of time lately with Google’s Keyword Tool. This tool tells you how many times a given word or phrase is ‘searched in a month’ it also tells you how much competition there is for a given keyword or phrase.

“His Was” is searched over 300,000 times per month. Why do I care about that? Well in this case I don’t really, This is something that appeals to me in my quest for knowledge. Can I write a blog post about a set of words and get it to rank on Google’s first page for that same phrase. his was. I suspect that I can for this since the competition is skewed so lowly.

His Was dog in all its preformed glory
His was dog in all the glory expected

Still in my quest for additional knowledge the best way to acquire knowledge is rinse repeat until you get it right. After all there is considerably more to making a living online than just working the keyword tools. Knowing how to convert casual traffic into $$$ is a whole lot different. Still the two methods must complement each other, traffic + correct products = sales.

That is the goal for this experiment..content is king! His was the best content ever written in some simple testing method. This his was guy tells it like it is. Ignore me for the following lines tell how his was is artificially bumping the keyword density for SEO methods.

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