Social Search – For Employers

Are you hiring? Social Search is the newest tool we have built for This tool is in beta mode while we add more awesomeness to it. it allows employers to search for talent on popular social networks. Search parameters can include skill sets, or a person’s name. Optionally a geographic location can be used as well. This is helpful for employers looking for key skill sets in certain geographic regions.

Social Search was built to help recruiters and HR departments save time locating people with desired skills. We use API calls and custom search algorithms to simultaneously search sites including LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, ZoomInfo, Spoke, and Visual CV. In addition there is a search module that will also attempt to locate resumes as well. More modules may be added at a later time based on feedback during the beta period.

The social search tool saves the user from having to learn complicated google query strings. Typically a recruiter might type the following query in a google search. ‘ bio + network engineer + Denver’ Our application does this automatically for you. It also can also search all networks simultaneously. A true time saver for the employer.

As a bonus perk you can just search for a person’s name. If there name is common including a geographic region will typically find that person’s facebook, myspace, and twitter profiles. If you’re looking to check someone out, start with their social profile(s). Social search is a next generation recruiting tool. Is social search in your toolbox?

The social profile is slowly replacing the traditional resume. Potential candidates are updating their online profiles far more often than their resumes. This is a completely untapped area in an age when “social search” recruiting is gaining a lot of traction.