Real Jobs – 5 Places to look for work.

With over 100,000 job boards in existence and an even larger number of self hosted career centers on employers websites. Where do you look? What’s my best chances of landing a job quickly.

Most employer’s web sites are full of real jobs.

Content aggregates know this.

I have assembled a list of some sites that might help with your job search. They are just a starting point. A point of reference in landing you a real job.

TheĀ  list:

1. Indeed – An aggregate site that forms relationships with employers by selling PPC, and sponsored job listings. Indeed also scrapes the larger career boards. While there are a lot of jobs be prepared to head down many dead-end streets that will end up nowhere. The key with these types of sites is in setting up your alerts.

2. Simply Hired – another aggregator that is closely tied with and Their listings are very similar to Indeed, and in fact make much of their money the same way. PPC and sponsored jobs are probably accurate and worthy of your time in pursuing. Again set up alerts to receive information on new positions.

3. Twitter – Twitter search for jobs has received a lot of attention in the media. Your online job search should include some twitter networking for sure. There are a plethora of guides to using job for your job search. Get started and remember to search for possibilties you can also head over to

4. Linkup – Linkup is unique in the fact that they only aggregate content from employer’s career sites. They have the freshest jobs and are truly one of the pioneers in the new job board revolution.

5. Google – That’s right, Google. The power of Google lies in the advanced search capabilities. Most people do not take advantage of the many search modifiers available through the advanced search interface. Search Google using the date/recent listings feature, combine this with Google alerts. This makes for a highly effective means of receiving job posting alerts as soon as they hit Google’s Index.

For more information on using Google for Advanced job searching please see the following guide that I wrote over at Using Google for Advanced Job Search

In the coming months look for job search capabilities for all 5 of these networks to be performed from JobShouts advanced job search interface. We are pretty excited about the new features we are developing. Coupled with the changes in job board trends and social recruiting should make for an interesting 2010.