Twitter People – What kind of people use twitter

This question is often asked by people after hearing about twitter for the first time. There is no simple answer to this. There are plenty of self-absorbed marketing types, oodles of celebrities, sports players, and musicians. There are also people from all walks of life. Demographic studies show that more users are women, from the 18-34 age group. Primarily African American, with incomes under 30K/year.

Graph of Twitter Users
Graph of Twitter Users

Being a 42 yo Caucasian I don’t see that, but then again I am not looking for that either. I have on a few occasions noticed this demographic within our company JobShouts twitter stream.

Twitter is real time information. In fact it is so loaded with information, Google and Bing decided to index and attempt to make some sense out of the continuous flood of information being shared. In the world of real time search, what happened a week ago on twitter, may as well have happened during the civil war. Anything shared in real time grows old moments after it happens with the exception of Michael Jackson and planes on the Hudson.

Basically this all boils down to one thing. It all depends on what twitter means to you. It could be a way to keep up with friends while you are on the go. It can also be a source for news. It can be a great networking tool, or a little black book. The possibilities are endless.

With so many people on the twitter bandwagon, it can mean many things to almost as many type of people.

I think that is one of twitter’s main attractors, for those seeking knowledge or to gain more from the human/social experience. That is what twitter is to me. What is it to you?

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