10 Things I have learned about Twitter

twitterEveryone is writing a 10 list about something these days. With twitter being such a huge influence in the social web. I spent the last couple months watching what “you’re doing” on twitter. I doubted the usefulness until I started looking at what was making the service so successful. My first thoughts were that it’s just a fad. No, its not really a ‘”fad”, it’s actually useful. It enriches peoples lives. I feel that tweets are here to stay for some time.

Yet I still ask myself, how can they monetize their service? It would be impossible to continue to outlay huge amounts of capital without recouping the investment at some point in time. Twitter will eventual monetize their service in several areas, most likely through its API, and partnerships with cell carriers. Their service and API was a bit shaky at first. The typical growing pains of a start up.  Now it seems more robust and stable.  I have not seen an error while updating in weeks. So what have I learned from the micro-blogging universe that is twitter? Read on…

  1. Twitter is just as useful as SMS messaging, great for passing important little bits of information to followers.
  2. There are a TON of developers working with their API,  providing valuable, useful tools to tweet with.
  3. Successful tweeple use twitter to encourage participation of others, Not only do they tweet they listen.
  4. From a customer service standpoint, twitter is giving the bricks, and mortar stores an edge over the competition. Tech savvy businesses see twitter as a tool to expand their interactions with the customer.
  5. Spam is not nearly as prevalant in their network, as their is no reason to listen/follow to a spammer. I think even the spammers can see this and therefore opt out of such activity.
  6. People are helpful on twitter, frequently I have seen requests for info tweeted, and anwered in a quick manner.
  7. Teen-agers typically ask what’s twitter? Seems that since its not a myspace app, so it’s much more useful to adults than your typical social media apps.
  8. Google’s recent update has twitter at a Page Rank 9. 😮 I know to the SEO types say PR is worthless, but that is an excellent indicator of how many people are linking to a GREAT service.
  9. It is not who you know, its who you follow. I am probably not the first to coin that phrase but, its catchy!
  10. Porn has adopted twitter, take a look around do some searches and see what I mean, Every new technology is always adopted by the porn industry before mainstream business.

So there you have it, by no means a comprehensive list. Just my take on a great tool/service. If you have found an interesting or great use for twitter that would interest other tweople, I would love to hear about it.  I am contemplating a 50 or 100 list of popular uses for twitter. Until then….


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