Exposing Me – My online personal brand

personal-brandIzeafest is still fresh in my head. One of the things that I took away from this conference was what one of the 5 minutes of fame speakers had to say. I don’t remember his name but he spoke of owning you. Own your name, by signing up for 25 digital/social profile accounts. The reason for this? When someone searches for you, or your ‘brand’ they should find nothing but you.

Googling This routinely tells me what the interwebz is saying about me. I found me, my blog owns the number 1 spot. my linkedin profile is right there at number 2. Not too bad, but what was missing was Myspace, twitter and facebook. Odd since I have had them for a while. Then I started looking at why they were missing. Twitter was easy, I had left off my last name in the name field. Facebook, privacy settings are suspected, now I am exposed on FB. Myspace again privacy settings, not too sure I want to be found there anyway not like its a bad thing, but myspace is mostly about music for me.

The next step is beginning to setup accounts at  other services, Delicious, Flickr, Youtube, Technorati, Slowly building these into the michaelquale brand. Link as many of these accounts as you can to your blog, or facebook, or twitter. Whichever network you are most active on. In order to win it, you have to OWN IT and BRING IT!

Staying positive being who you are, what you are good at, and giving back to the community and to those you seek to work with or gain knowledge from. Society is changing. Who we are is being defined in our online presence. Peers connect with and share vast amounts of information daily. Are you part of that exchange? Can you become an influencer, or will you just watch from the sidelines.