His Hair a project in SEO and internet marketing

Do you have long men’s hair? This will serve as a project base to launch a site from. Well actually I think it could be called a relaunch. A keyword rich domain name for His Hair is aged 10 years and ripe for an Internet marketing business.

Read all about the care and what it really means to have hair. I wonder how many keywords we can actually hit, the competition for his hair is fairly light and disorganized SEO wise.  I see opportunity here. Hopefully Vinny will like what I have in mind.


Do you want to know how to grow long mens hair? Follow our step by step guides and before you know it you will have long hair too. Snicker snicker.

Maybe we can build a site based on reviews of guy’s hair. Guys upload pics,  A rating system built around hot or not type user voting system would be pretty neat. Chicks could really dig that. It’s a great traffic potential if shared appropriately on facebook, twitter or other viral sources.