Brett Favre and the Vikings are 4-0

VikingsI cannot believe this. It takes a former mortal enemy of my beloved vikings to put us back in the spotlight. All I can say is “how ironic” is that. Brett Favre is in Purple and slinging bullets to a really young and talented team. Could this be our year?

I have been a fan of the vikings since 1977 or so when Fran Tarkenton was the QB. Scrambling Fran was the man no one could bring down in the backfield. He was like the QB you could not get. In 1977 I watched the Vikings Lose to the Oakland Raiders and Ken Stabler. Their 4th Superbowl loss.

My dad had money on that game, and I started rooting for the “purple people eater” cause I thought that name sounded cool. Dad kept saying shhhhh. He apparently had his money on the Raiders. Good thing he did they won that contest

I wathched the vikings lose the opportunity to get to the big game after a 15-1 season that shattered the previous single season scoring record. 550 points in a season. Randy Moss’ rookie season. Atlanta knocked them out in the NFC championship game.

I see some good things on the field and the team is definitely fired up. Is it time to win a bowl? Hell’s yeah Lets Go Vikes! Skol!!!