What to do after being fired.

So you have been terminated. What now?


Nothing can quite prepare you for the emotional stress associated with losing your job. Certainly there is a specific healing process one must go through on the road to recovery. Here is a few tips that I thought I would share with you.

Assess your situation. We are human, we live and learn. What things have you learned this time to help contribute to your career —personally and professionally? This may take a bit of soul searching but it’s worth it. Did your career path produce little or no gratification? Did you learn that corporate politics can be terrible. Whatever it is, the knowledge and experience has made you smarter. It is often easy to allow those events that we perceive as negative to fester and before you know it, bitterness has settled in its place. Staying positive, simply put, keeps you invigorated and surprisingly eager to face what lies ahead. You must now concentrate on being prepared for those opportunities as they are presented.

Think about you. What role, did you play in the termination? Did you give the employer a reason? Absenteeism? If you feel you were let go for reasons beyond your control like budgetary issues, management favoritism?  In nearly every case, there is room for improvement. Your reward is having the opportunity to start again, fresh—either with a new employer or in your own venture. Your current situation gives you a new beginning. Carpe Diem; take this time as an opportunity to improve YOU and commit/stick to doing so.

Make use of the many internet resources. The internet is wonderful in compiling and presenting information but where to start? Unless you have already identified every company for which you are wiling to work using local recruiting agencies, posting your resume on job boards, and joining and socializing on sites like twitter, and linkedin can be of tremendous help. Recruiting agencies can increase the likelihood of your being invited to interview as well as help expedite your consideration. In addition, posting your resume on job boards, and linkedin will allow employers and recruiters the opportunity to find you and market you to several organizations at once.

Focus on Interests. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your area of comfort. What things about your last job did you enjoy the most? Which tasks are you delighted to not be doing anymore? Making this assesment takes honesty. For example, if you know that you have children at home, don’t forgot about the importance of flexible work hours. In addition, don’t jump into a role that is not a match for your lifestyle and interests.

Put a fresh new face forward. Using the same old resume or cover letter should not be a consideration. A new start begins with a new presentation of you. Consider incorporating a fresh new outlook by revising your objective. Think outside the box, identify on-the-job seminars and trainings you’ve successfully completed. Focusing on these activities will add value to your presentation by supporting your  statements of experience or expertise and will help show that you are committed to improvement. Remember that the resume and cover letter generally make an appearancelong before you do and will help determine if you ever have the opportunity to do appear at all.

Be prepared to address the termination. Always remember this in advance,  and know how to respond promptly and with confidence when asked why you left your last position. Practice how you will respond. Be honest. Do not allow it to veer you off course or the interview. Instead, provide a  concise brief to the point explanation, highlight the positive and detail what you are now offering your next employer. Lastly move on.

Getting over a termination can be difficult; Assessment and execution will help increase emotional strength and a smooth transition into assuming a new position. Stay focused toward making your next career choice a better one. You have the opportunity & skills to do great things,  to redirect your energy and skill and position yourself and your amazing dynamic attributes in a manner that will help you excel in a crowd. Think caterpillars into butterflies.. Beautiful.

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