Twitter Image Sizes

I had to do some research on this for a project I am working on. I am calling twitter search in a javascript. The results are used to display timeline search results for the hashtag associated with a tweetup.

It is designed for live broadcasts where a live feed is needed on a projection or large LCD/Plasma display.

One of the obstacles I ran into was the size of the images returned via the API. There are technically 2 size images available for linking from a twitter profile. Those are 48×48 and 73×73.

I just added another line of code to the mix to replace the url from the JSON results with the bigger one.

var profileimage = this.profile_image_url.replace(“normal,’bigger’);

The URL for a normal sized image:

The URL for a ‘bigger’ image

This might not seem like much but when you are dealing with a large room nearly doubling the image size, helps a lot.

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