Kanye West vs Taylor Swift

Come on Kanye we just don’t get it, well I do get it somewhat. I understand why you pull these stunts. Any press is good press right? What I really don’t get is the reason why we the people buy into it. It’s a circus complete with a ring leader, clowns, and a marketing punch.

I really could care less about this jerk we know as Kanye. He’s a rude, egotistical, self absorbed Gen Y that thinks the world owes him something. Really though, this is how a non-talent keeps his name in the spotlight…I just heard his prices dropped on I-tunes. Is that part of the marketing strategy Mr. West?

Not again...
Not again...

Maybe its me, maybe I am too old, I know what it is. I still have some traditional values. While far from perfect it is my belief that you should treat others as you would want them to treat you. What Mr West did was horrible for that poor Ms. Taylor Swift as she won her first VMA. What possesses someone to interrupt during an acceptance speech? Kanye just had to step in. Unbelievable.

Mr West, you should suddenly lose your grip with gravity and leave us without a trace. The world would be a much much better place.