Local Community is Alive and well in Tampa

After my last tweetup at @brighteyestampa facility in Westchase, I left with a much stronger sense of community involvement in twitter. Previous tweet-ups were a little different. Maybe because the size was a tad smaller everyone was a  little closer to each other. Maybe it was the wine tasting. Either way I wanted to thank Dr. Nathan Bonilla-Warford of Bright Eyes Family Vision Care for organizing a fabulous event.

Just maybe it was the participants themselves. Almost each and every individual I talked to was very receptive and seemed to have a genuine interest in local community building and awareness. From listening to speaking about who’s doing what, that’s a major kudos for the Tampa Bay area. For having the businesses that encourage and foster that community spirit.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michele Northrup of Intensity Academy and For some seriously delish hot sauce you absolutely have to check out her Hot Sauce Company their philosophy is really very simple “the highest belief in intense flavors”. After taking home a bottle of Chai Tea chipotle, I can happily report it is quite interesting tangy and mellow, with enough zing to wake the tastebuds.

The twitter universe expands my sense of community and social connections more and more each day. It is indeed a great time to be alive. At least in the Tampa Bay area community involvement continues to grow. There is hope for us after all.