The chronicles of NYC

So its been almost a month since our musical odyssey to the big apple.

For some odd reason a couple of great bands happened to be playing together. The musical stars have aligned as I have always liked Megadeth and Dave Mustaine for his skills and ability to rebound after being kicked in the proverbial nuts by Metallica. Tyler is my girlfriends son and he came along to see his band JFAC Job for a cowboy.

A couple of other bands rounded out the line-up for a total of 5. High on fire was the opening act, followed by JFAC, then Finnish metal from Children of Bodom. named after a lake in Finland where 3 teens were massacred. Swedish metal In Flames co-headlined with Megadeth closing the show.

The deciding factor was the location, once i heard about the tour from a Megadeth bulletin and noticed that JFAC was also touring, well enough said the wheels started turning and google-fu had me looking for dates. NO Florida dates at all. The closest the tour came was Atlanta. I looked at ticket prices and what the costs would be. and the venue in Atlanta…..Then i looked at other cities, NYC 2 dates!. OMG they are playing at the Hammerstein Ballroom. My google-fu was strong as i researched the venue, turns out this place has a bit of a reputation as a great hall. I checked stub hub plenty of tickets including Box seats in cupolas on the side of the place. GAME ON!

I talked this over with Robin and to my surprise we were booking flights and a hotel in downtown Manhattan a couple of days later. We going for BOTH dates and 1 night we are going to have the best seats in the house. 25 feet from the stage and overlooking the mosh pits at a safe distance (good thing we did too, but more on that later.)

We leave on a Tuesday morning from Tampa airport, we fly non-stop to JFK, skip the checked bags its just 2 men for 2 days and a laptop, we pack a couple of totes with some change of clothes, and are off. The Flight out was a little hairy as the plane left then came back to the gate for a maintenance issue that delayed us about 15-20 minutes.

We passed a lot of graveyards on the way in from queens, and as we entered the city from 60th Street or so we were passed by Woody Allen in the passenger seat of a BMW. Ha he looks the same he did 30 years ago!

We check into our room at the Affinia which is just great really i would definitely stay there again. go downstairs with our tickets and grab a slice on the way to the venue which is like 3 blocks away. we get there around 5:30 and the line is all the way around the block and moving in through security slow. doors opened at 5: and the show starts at 6 im thinking. Well we get in around 6:15 or so and the first act is shredding some chords at light speed and growling like a caged beast. High on Fire a 3 piece act was alright I wont form an opinion based on hearing only 1 song so. we move upstairs to the 1st mezzanine and grab our seats. the next act is Tyler’s boys JFAC and let me tell you they have a sick ass drummer and a bass player that can straight up rock his ears off!

COB is next with a style all their own. Alexi is straight up the shit when he screamed “Are you ready for some metal New York Ciiiiitaayyy” going way high into the stratosphere. They rocked no doubt in my mind. In Flames kicks major ass but their light show is shit. It blinds you and you cant see the band  worth a shit.

All the bands played anywhere from 30- 45 minutes. with 30 minutes between each act. The venue was at capacity when Megadeth took the stage around 10 opening the show with Hangar 18 and running through most of their classics and some of the new offerings. Trust, darkest hour, holy wars, peace sells. They played for nearly an hour and came back for an encore that kicked ass.

Since I had seen megadeth in the 80’s and early 90’s i felt out of touch with most of the stuff they released after Symphony of destruction. now with a totally new line-up and the signature mustaine riffs it feels like the old days again, except thats just it IT IS THE OLD Days again. the same music played 20 years later did not sound any better just well….like it was OLD.

Anyway im really rambling on here… debating the thought of maybe a part 2 to this blog. since its taken me over 30 minutes to type this out already.

After the show we had a burger at the Hard rock in Times square and walked back to the hotel to crash…. completely exhausted and spent. The bed felt great but Ty’s feet smelled like coon ass, and he decided to lock his socks in the safe so we could get some sleep.