Life after 40

I turned 40 a couple of years ago. Not exactly a defining moment in my life. In fact I really didn’t feel much different than i did at 35, except for a few more aches and pains.

40 is not much different to me than any other time in my life. Physically speaking, I look basically the same ,with the exception of a few gray hairs and weathering. I still love the same loud music. I find the same things interesting that I did in my 20’s or 30’s. So what is the big deal?

The big deal as everyone else would lead you to believe . Is that you have peaked, hit your stride, found your calling, settled in for the long haul. You are beginning the decent on the opposite side of the mountain that is life. I say rubbish!

What has changed for me personally, is that now I am more cognizant of my actions on others. I can read people way better. I know what to expect from life, and I am not let down when what I expect does not happen. I can & have taken the proverbial chill pill.

My girlfriend constantly reminds me of how easy going I am. My first wife would have given her that “what you talking about Willis?” look. My 20’s were filled with strife, and uncertainty. I fought damn near constantly with the first & second wife. I am so glad those days are long past.

In my current love interest there is NO strife, we are indeed soul mates. In over a year there has been no shouting, yelling, or name calling. We just don’t fight at all. We have disagreed on a couple of things, nothing major though, and we were able to talk through them immediately in calm and civilized manner.

Is it due to hitting that big 40? Or did I finally find someone that can appreciate a good man. Either way THANK GOD!

I know that what ever lies in our future, that whatever obstacles we encounter. We will persevere. We might have a few hurdles to clear. With my back being the way it is. You can read about my back pain if you like.

The future is on the way, and I feel better prepared for it. More so than any other time in my life. I am self-employed currently, trying to launch a business in partnership with my significant other. The one the only imjustagoyle.  I don’t blog for a living, although the thought of that does intrigue me.  I am getting into web-design, and SEO, SERP for sites that can use a professional. Is that you?

To say that life begins at 40, is utter nonsense. Life begins for many people at different stages. It’s truly what YOU make of it. Life after 40 to me is a matter of using your head rather than your lust. Life after 40 is a new beginning. A new conscious level for me that has me wondering what the future may bring.

This new found consciousness also has increased my level of concern for our children. What can I do now to help them? Suddenly This is in my head more than ever before.

Realizing this importance to me, I have vowed to be there for them first. Not to think of myself first, but to put their needs above all else. They will after all, probably end up taking care of us someday.