Cattle Mutilations? UFO’s or Altered Steaks

cattle-abductionThis morning I watched New UFO Revelations: Cattle Mutilations on the History Channel. The show is a non-biased intelligently presented albeit graphic documentary about bovine mishaps. Watch is again here at GUBA

Not just any cattle deaths, no, no, no these animals have died and had strange things like missing hearts, tongues, rectums and reproductive organs removed with what they say are surgical precision. No apparent signs of predator involvement, or evidence of vehicles or footprints. Oh and they have no blood in the bodies. Say what?

Everything seems to point to outer space visitors, unusual amounts of magnetic material is found at the scene typically. Highly magnetic particles of magnetite(sp) have bee collected by dragging a magnet in a circular manner around the animals carcass, then analyzing what the magnet has picked up in a lab.

I google a bit and read this article from the Skeptic’s Dictionary, which totally has me thinking our government is corrupt and we should all being wearing tin foil hats. Kidding really, it does represent factual information really well, as most of the animals could probably be explained to natural causes like flies, bloating, and other gross disgusting things.

I had formed an opinion very much the same from the last paragraph of the skeptics article. One thing that was mentioned on the History channel program that is not mentioned on the Skeptic’s site. The animals corpse were sucked dry of blood. Something that we cannot even do in a hospital environment. One of the scientist remarked “we cannot pull that kind of vacuum in a lab, never mind in the field”.

I read another Cattle Mutilation article this one a lot less skeptical, and very interesting read. After reading the last paragraph, well lets just say I cannot come to grasp with the whole fallen angel, Lucifer angle, nope not gonna buy that.

Are the aliens planning on using the blood of cows to create a way to blend in with society? Really! Rock on for originality! Although they do say human DNA is very similar to cattles. they have 60 Chromosomes, while humans have 43. Would we ever even know that they are here? Does the government have plans for green cards for aliens? Will we be able to spot them due to huge leaky udders?

That’s a pretty staggering thing to think about. I would much rather think that somewhere a couple of guys, possibly related to Larry the cable guy. Possesing really strange sense of humors, a hot air balloon, a penchant for drinking beer and making people wonder why someone would do those strange things to dead cattle.