Tall and Proud … Not exactly

What is it like to be tall? At 6’7″ tall I tend to attract a lot of public attention. Well let me emphasize this A Whole LOT. Now I know I’m not the tallest guy on earth. Yet people still stare, make weird, and often strange or inappropriate comments. Women tend to smile, men especially the shorter ones, tend to leer.

To me it’s really no big deal, aside from the obvious benefits. Such as being able to paint a ceiling without a ladder, or change a light bulb. Maybe you would have me over for a six pack and some tree trimming? What kind of beer do you drink? As long as its not the cheap crap, I’m game!

Since I tower over just about everyone I come into contact with, I often take my height for granted. Nearly everyone makes the same type of comment “Do you play basketball?” or “Gee I wish I had your height”. In my younger years the proverbial basketball question often irritated me more than anything. I even had a canned response, laced with sarcasm. “No I play professional putt putt”. Which was usually followed by a scowl. Now I take it with a grain of salt, after growing up a little, you realize that people are just plain jealous of your height.dscn0242

Speaking of basketball, I have a fairly strong distaste for the sport. I know I should have went pro. Let’s keep in mind my vertical leap is about half of Michael Jordan’s. I have never been able to slam a ball, ever. Close but not quite. All through high school the basketball coaches tried to lure me. I was 6’4″ at 15, taller than almost everyone in school. My athleticism was more down to earth, specifically in my feet. I played soccer quite well and made a decent goalie for our varsity squad in my freshman year.

Quite some time ago I came to the realization that I have what a LOT of people desire. To be “taller”, after all tall people are said to command better salaries, attract more attention, have more prospects for romance, and a slew of other “perks”. I often wondered if this was actually true. I did not think my height was commanding respect, until I learned how to read peoples body language. Yes being tall does intimidate some people.

A lot of women often write personal ads seeking a tall, handsome man. Why is this? What exactly do they consider tall? 6′ or more? Most woman are not tall by my standards. The average woman’s height is somewhere around 5’6″. Do they just want someone to look up to? Do they want someone so tall it pains their neck to to kiss them? Can you imagine a 5′ tall woman dancing with someone my height. That’s almost comical, and attention grabbing to say the least. All my life I have wanted to avoid attracting attention to myself. Being very tall this is not an easy task, as I tend to stand out in a crowd. I once dated a girl that was 6’2″. Wrapping my arms around her was like hugging a man though. That for me was a complete turn-off. After a couple of dates, I was ready to run off into the sunset. I tend to like the average height, curvy, soft girly girls.

Am I proud of my height? Hell yes, most of the time. Are there times when I wish I was normal height? I would have to say yes, being tall does have some drawbacks. Whacking my head on ceilings fans, and having strangers in wally world ask me to get something off the high shelves is not exactly a trait I cherish. Finding nice clothes can be a PITA. Most of my youth I had problems wearing what the other kids were wearing. As the pop-culture clothing icons tended to not make jeans in my size. I wear a 36″ inseam at a minimum. I could not find a pair of Guess jeans in that length ever. I was stuck with the plain ole Levi strauss variety as they were the ONLY jeans made in my size.

If you found this blog because you are tall, I would love to hear from you drop me a line. Let’s compare stories, notes, accomplishments. What benefits/detractors have you noticed in having extreme height. Till next time..

Mike aka “Stretch”

2 Replies to “Tall and Proud … Not exactly”

  1. Hey there!
    I guess it makes you stand out a bit in the crowd, but hey, it’s better than being 5′ tall isn’t it? 😉 Besides, there are lots of tall women out there so don’t fret. Remember too that many basketball players are well over 6′ tall so you aren’t exactly unique!
    Final analysis:
    Height really doesn’t matter, it’s the content of your character and the size of your “heart”.

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