The Top Highest Paying Adsense Keywords for 2009

Here is the latest, certainly not greatest list. These are the top highest paying adsense search phrases. Adsense marketing has caught my attention as of lately. So lets See how the long tail searches treat this blog entry.

Why did I just say that? I am going to conduct some experiments in article writing, specifically about adsense and the high paying keywords. This will be an attempt at luring in the less competitive long tailed phrases that everyone seems to be bragging about. Lure in the less competitive but more focused searcher. Present an high paying adsense product.

Here is the Top 2009 highest paying adsense keywords.

The Top Highest Paying Adsense Keywords for 2009

dui lawyer newport beach $87.88
studen loan consolidation $78.18
dui lawyer torrance $76.60
student loan consolidation rebate $76.15
san diego lemon law attorney $74.39
los angeles criminal defense attorneys $71.27
dwi austin $66.89
san diego drunk driving lawyers $66.20
donating umbilical cord blood $64.52
consolidation interest loan low student $64.21
best term life insurance rates $62.39
denver dui attorney $62.17
dwi austin texas $61.00
student loan conslidation $60.72
los angeles drunk driving lawyer $60.68
college student loan consolidation $60.55
dui lawyer seattle $60.29
seattle dui lawyer $60.29
san diego criminal defense attorney $60.20
school loans consolidation $60.02
sell structured settlement $59.82
federal stafford loan consolidation $59.61
structured settlements $59.44
california dui lawyers $59.41
student loans consolidation $59.03
federal student consolidation loan $58.58
austin dwi attorney $58.30
san bernardino dui attorney $58.16
auto quotes $58.09
education loan consolidation $58.05
irs tax attorneys $57.53
acs student loan consolidation $57.34
student loan consolidation programs $57.14
tax debt relief $57.03
student loan debt consolidation $57.03
student consolidation loan $56.91
conference call services $56.68
cash for structured settlements $56.16
umbilical cord blood preservation $55.92
universal life insurance quote $55.46
immigration bail bonds $55.25
audio conference calling $55.14
florida auto insurance quotes $54.75
term life insurance quote $54.61
consolidate student loan $54.61
los angeles criminal defense $54.58
san diego dui attorney $54.56
federal direct student loan consolidation $54.55
conference call providers $54.54
students loan consolidation $54.15
debt consolidation student loans $54.12
lemon law in california $53.89
cheap term life insurance $53.79
compare term life insurance $53.79
umbilical cord preservation $53.66
law loan consolidation $53.50
private student loan consolidation $53.41
college loan consolidation $53.05
structured settlement $52.96
los angeles criminal defense attorney $52.80
austin dwi lawyer $52.75
consolidation of student loans $52.58
conference call numbers $52.56
student loan refinance $52.44
refinance student loan $52.44
student loan consolidation rate $52.36
donate cord blood $52.31
student loan consolidation interest rate $52.30
hero student loan consolidation $52.03
personal student loan consolidation $52.02
quicken mortgage calculator $51.77
tescos motor insurance $51.74
ca dui lawyers $51.30
consolidate student loans $51.23
conference calling service $50.88
private student loans consolidation $50.74
massage school ventura $50.61
donate used car $50.61
dui attorney irvine $50.43
best term life insurance $50.14
all state car insurance $49.96
lasik new york $49.86
new york lasik $49.86
consolidation student loans $49.82
california lemon law attorney $49.67
student loan consolidations $49.57
structured settlements cash $49.56
term life insurance premiums $49.15
los angeles criminal defense lawyers $49.10
california lemon law $49.02
cord blood donations $48.91
mesothelioma diagnosis $48.82
loan consolidation programs $48.77
los angeles dui $48.69
no win no fee claims $48.67
student loan consolidation interest $48.34
los angeles lemon law $48.28
arizona family law $48.26
lasik eye surgery new york $47.82
dc dui lawyer $47.81

This should be an ongoing project. Lets see what comes up when the post is live

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